Lower Chamber hikes the salaries of several categories of personnel

The Lower Chamber adopted on Tuesday, with 246 votes in favour, 28 against and one abstention, the bill adopting Government Emergency Ordinance (OUG) no.99/2016, which stipulates salary hikes for several categories of personnel, including the personnel of the Agriculture, Youth and Sport and Defence ministries and the personnel of the National Library.

According to an amendment adopted by the members of the Lower Chamber’s Labour Committee, the gross mainstay salaries of personnel that did not benefit from the salary hikes stipulated by OUG no.2/2017 – namely the personnel of national libraries or of libraries of national importance, the personnel of the Romanian Academy’s Library and of museums of national importance – will be hiked by 30 percent.

Likewise, the gross mainstay salaries of the following categories of personnel will be hiked by 20 percent: the personnel of institutions and authorities subordinated to the Agriculture Ministry, except for APIA and the Agency for the Financing of Rural Investments; the personnel of the ‘Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti’ Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and of the institutions subordinated to it; the personnel of units subordinated to the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

According to another amendment adopted by the Labour Committee, salary hikes will also be offered to the medical personnel of consulting rooms that are part of territorial branches of medical structures subordinated to the National Public Pensions Office and to the personnel of public entertainment or concert institutions subordinated to the Culture Ministry, and also to the personnel of county directorates for culture and of the Bucharest directorate for culture.

Another amendment stipulates the hiking, by 15 percent, of the gross mainstay salary/position pay of the following categories of personnel: the personnel of central university libraries; active military personnel, as well as volunteer soldiers and corporals, including the civilian personnel of the MoD and of the institutions subordinated to it, except for those who benefitted from the hikes stipulated by law no.250/2016; the personnel of the state secretariat for the recognition of the merits of those who fought against the communist regime from 1945 to 1989.

The Lower Chamber cast the decisive vote on this bill.


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