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March 30, 2023

National Executive Committee of PSD convenes to discuss possible Gov’t reshuffle. PM Grindeanu: Dragnea didn’t request my resignation; I expect many ministers to resign

The National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) convenes this afternoon in order to discuss the ministers’ job assessment, as well as a possible reshuffle.

On Sunday evening, national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated that “there are many areas with problems” and that the assessment report will be made public.

According to him, it’s important for the governing programme to be enforced and he mentioned that a discussion is to take place inside the National Executive Committee if there is a need to replace some ministers, adopt some administrative measures, ease paperwork circuit, improve internal collaboration or other measures.

He expressed hope that it won’t get to the reshuffle.

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu mentioned that from his point of view, his relation with Liviu Dragnea is a respectable one and that he daily consults with him, but pointed out the fact that there is “someone” who “wants to deliberately support this so-called tension” between him and the Social-Democrats leader.

The PM mentioned that he has his own analysis and showed contentment with the effects of the measures taken by the Government.


PM Grindeanu: Dragnea didn’t request my resignation; I expect many ministers to resign


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated on Wednesday morning, in an informal discussion with journalists at Victoria Palace, that national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea didn’t request his resignation, but some Social-Democrats leaders.

The prime minister underscored that he will stick to his position not to resign, saying that he mentioned it in other statements as well. Grindeanu pointed out that he wants the PSD to remain at rule, as it is not the “CEx [National executive Committee of the PSD] Government”, but Romania’s.

Regarding the convention of the National Executive Committee of the PSD scheduled for Wednesday, Grindeanu smiled and said that he expects “a public execution.”

When asked whether he read the PSD ministers’ job assessment report, Grindeanu said he didn’t because it was not put at his disposal.

The PM added that it’s possible for many ministers of his cabinet to tender their resignation on Wednesday, but he didn’t mention any name. When asked what is the state of mind among the members of the CEx, Grindeanu smiled and said they feel “embarrassed” by the situation.

Grindeanu also said he will make a statement at Victoria Palace after the convention of the PSD National Executive Committee.


Grindeanu holds talks with several Social Democrat county leaders at Gov’t seat (sources)


Premier Sorin Grindeanu held talks on Wednesday at the government’s offices with several leaders of Social Democratic county organisations, official sources confirmed for AGERPRES.

Among the Social Democratic Party (PSD) top local politicians to come to the Victoria Palace were head of the Caras Severin PSD branch, deputy Ion Mocioalca, and Ionel Arsene, president of the Neamt county organization, the cited sources said.

Also present at the government headquarters was PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu, who also holds the position of honorary advisor to the PM.


Former PM Ponta to PSD’s CExN: If it comes to censure motion, I will initiate PSD parliamentarians group to oppose such a mistake


Former Prime Minister Victor Ponta sent a letter to the members of the National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party (PSD ), pointing out that those who will provoke a political crisis will be responsible, given that “Liviu Dragnea will propose something wrong for PSD,” and announced that if a censure motion is reached, he will initiate a group of PSD parliamentarians to oppose such a mistake.

According to the former PSD leader, “the leadership of a party that expects its parliamentarians to quietly vote for a censure motion against their own government is wrong leadership.”

“If it comes to such an absurdity (God forbid), I will initiate a group of PSD parliamentarians to oppose through vote to such a mistake. The leadership of a party who mocks its loyal and serious members is a leadership that profoundly errs. Sorin Grindeanu has only done politics in PSD – he has been with the party both in the opposition and at rule – he won the elections in Timis, where we know how hard it is for PSD – he did not ask to be a prime minister, but he accepted the position as a solution to the crisis in December. (…) A leadership that disposes of such people without explanations and without objective reasons is wrong leadership!” Ponta stated.

He recalled that he has only done politics in PSD since 2001, and this activity gives him the right to address the National Executive Committee (CExN) official requests that the latter cannot ignore.

“I would have done so directly at today’s meeting if I had been invited at all (the PSD statute which stipulated that the former presidents are members of the CEX was modified in 2016, so that Iliescu, Nastase, Geoana or Ponta would not be present)! I am telling you because I do not have direct communication with Liviu Dragnea (the one who called me his “friend” and said he loved me as much as he loves Sorin Grindeanu or Valeriu Zgonea),” showed Ponta in his letter.

According to him, it is no secret for absolutely no one that CEX formally validates “whatever Liviu Dragnea decides in an absolutist and exclusive manner – the hypocritical procedures in which the “comrades” from Olt or Giurgiu take the floor and Liviu actually goes out of the room so as “Not to influence” only make the show more ridiculous and define a lack of courage in assuming the decisions that really belong to him.”

“Today, however, Liviu Dragnea will propose something profoundly wrong for PSD and for Romania – and you have the duty to try to change it! Today, I have the same feeling in PSD that I had on March 14, 2006, when at Hotel “Confort” in Otopeni, a CEX wrongly decided Adrian Nastase’s “execution” and his demotion from the post of Deputies Chamber Speaker (which we had managed to defend successfully for one year)! At least then the vote was 37-14 – today’s unanimity is all the more blameworthy! Look around and see how many of the 37 are still today with you! And you can ask if they acted well back then? By 16:00 hrs you can still find a solution – then it will be too late and those who have caused the crisis will be held accountable!” Victor Ponta pointed out.

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