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May 22, 2022

Program of the inquiry committee of the presidential elections, extended for 60 days

* Expenses of those who will be heard will be reimbursed


The Joint Permanent Bureaus decided on Tuesday to extend for 60 days the program of the parliamentary inquiry committee on the presidential elections of 2009, also approving the reimbursement of the expenses of those who are invited to be heard and cannot afford the trip to Bucharest.

“The program of the inquiry committee has been extended for 60 days (…) I understood that one of those who have been invited to be heard said that he has no money, and a solution has been found, a fund raising has been made. The expenses can be reimbursed if an invited person claims that he or she cannot afford these expenses, in order to avoid such situations, for people like Mr. Berceanu or others” announced the Deputy Chairman of the Senate, Claudiu Manda.

The decision to extend the program of the inquiry committee and to reimburse the expenses of those who are heard have been criticized by the PNL Interim President, Raluca Turcan.

“They want to continue the masquerade and to distract the public’s attention on a totally false topic, with no relevance for the day-to-day life of the people (…) The show goes on. Every time when PSD will face a serious problem during the Parliament’s holiday, it will distract public’s attention with a pointless inquiry committee, on the Romanian people’s money” Turcan stated.

The Chairman of the Inquiry Committee of the 2009 Presidential Elections, the Social Democrat Mihai Fifor (photo), stated last Wednesday that he will ask the leadership of the parliament to extend the committee’s activity for 60 days, due to the large amount of information that has to be processed.

“We will submit a request to the Joint Permanent bureaus to extend the committee’s activity for another 60 days. The amount of information is obviously very large and we need time to be able to perform an as consistent as possible activity and to issue a conclusive report. We wish this committee to have a real role in establishing the manner in which the elections have been organized and conducted” Mihai Fifor stated.

Being asked if hearings will be conducted also during the Parliament’s holiday, Fifor said that hearings will not be necessarily conducted, but the study of the materials submitted to the committee may be performed.


Tutuianu: SRI Oversight Committee willing to ask SRI for documents on 2009 presidential elections


Adrian Tutuianu, Chairman of the Committee for the Oversight of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), stated on Tuesday, at the Palace of Parliament, that the committee members are willing to ask the Romanian Intelligence Service for documents concerning the 2009 presidential elections, in order to establish to what extent they are relevant for the proceedings of the committee of inquiry.

“As a result of yesterday’s (Monday’s – editor’s note) discussions within the special committee of inquiry, we decided that in case we will be notified in writing with a request that concerns the activities carried out by the SRI in 2009, with regard to the presidential elections, we should proceed to analyse all classified reports on this topic and see to what extent this data and information are relevant for the proceedings of the committee of inquiry into the elections,” the committee chairman stated.

Adrian Tutuianu claimed that the members of the committee will verify “exactly what happened in 2009 in what concerns the electoral process.”

“Maior said three things: pressures, that the SRI acted within legal limits and the third thing that Maior said during yesterday’s hearings was that he notified state institutions about certain irregularities in the electoral process. They are all in SRI’s possession, obviously we will ask for a report too and we will also ask for documents, to the extent they are necessary for us to formulate a point of view,” the Social Democrat added.


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