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July 2, 2022

RomanIA Autentica folk costume festival set to gather 10,000-plus Romanian blouse wearers in Hobita, Iasi

The organizers of the RomanIA Autentica folk costume promotion festival are hopeful some 10,000 people dressed in traditional Romanian folk clothing will gather on June 24 at the event’s venues in Iasi and Hobita, in a bold attempt to break last year’s record of 7,000 wearers of Romanian traditional blouse ‘ia’.

“This year, RomanIA Autentica officially has two locations: Hobita – the birth village of famed sculptor Constantin Brancusi – and Iasi. Thus, whereas last year we managed to bring at the home of Brancusi approximately 7,000 people dressed in ‘ia’, this year we plan to gather more than 10,000 people dressed in folk costume, in Hobita and Iasi. The event is at the second edition and has already become iconic for Romanian cultural happenings. The participants will enjoy a celebration of folk traditions and crafts, of the Romanian blouse, as in the good old days,” the project’s initiator Cristina Chiriac, president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs, told AGERPRES.

Cristina Chiriac underscored that the organizers of the festival want to gather more than 10,000 wearers of Romanian blouse at the event to have the ‘ia’ inducted in the UNESCO heritage. “I think the Romanian blouse is already the best ambassador of Romanians everywhere, and many already regard it as a country brand. The uniqueness, details and symbolism of the entirely hand-sewn Romanian blouse confer on it a high spiritual value, as a defining element of our nation,” said the president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs, and founder of the “Flori de Ie” collection.

The entry to the festival will be free, but the organizers kindly ask the participants to be dressed in ‘ia’ for them to achieve their goal.

The event will feature popular craftsmen from all over the country, and the visitors will be able to join into their work.

“We succeeded in showcasing the Romanian ‘ia’ abroad, at special presentation events from New York to Vienna, Bari or Dubai. I want you to know that everywhere outside the country the Romanian blouse earned particular appreciation for the talent and craftsmanship of the ladies who have lovingly sewn the items. The stories behind the embroidered signs attract the sights of art and beauty lovers. People love to be unique, to feel special, to feel that they are part of special stories,” Cristina Chiriac said.

Asked about the guests to the festival, the president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs said this is a 100 percent cultural and artistic event with no political implications whatsoever.

“We extend a warm invitation to everybody! Members of mayoralties, county and local councils will be attending, but not only. All participants are special people, who carry a great love of their nation and homeland in their souls, who support the true Romanian values,” concluded Cristina Chiriac.

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