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November 30, 2021

Stormy meeting of PSD’s National Executive Committee: Will PM Grindeanu #resist?ALDE withdraws political support for Prime Minister Grindeanu

Sources: PM Grindeanu said in PSD’s CExN meeting he will not resign


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has said, in the National Executive Committee meeting of the Social Democrat Party (PSD – major, at rule), that he will not resign, mention sources participating in the meeting on Wednesday.

According to the same sources, Grindeanu asked his colleagues in the Social Democrat leadership who drew up the evaluation report of the ministers, presented in the CExN, and mentioned that it’s the first time he sees the document.

Furthermore, the quoted sources mentioned, the Prime Minister came to the meeting with his own analysis of the governmental activity, in which he underlined that in the first two trimesters of this year, the PSD has sent to the ministries 97 measures from the governing programme, and of them only 9 were not fulfilled.

Sorin Grindeanu also told his colleagues in the party that in over 20 years since he is a PSD member did he face such an aggressive campaign as the one launched in the past month by some party colleagues.


Grindeanu, within NatExCom: We woke up Klaus Iohannis with OUG 13. Now you’re handing the Gov’t over to him. Why?


According to political sources, Premier Sorin Grindeanu told the Social Democrats taking part in the tense National Executive Committee meeting that they “woke up” Klaus Iohannis with Government Emergency Ordinance (OUG) no.13, and now they want to hand the Government over to him, and asked them why would they want to do that, party sources told News.ro.

“There was OUG 13 and you did nothing, you were part of the same ExCom. We woke up Klaus Iohannis with the emergency ordinance. Now you’re handing the Government over to him. Why?” Sorin Grindeanu said during the NatExCom meeting, party sources told News.ro.

According to the same sources, Finance Minister Viorel Stefan allegedly told Liviu Dragnea: “Please understand the real situation, not what Darius Valcov presents you,” referring to the report assessing the Government’s activity, a report presented by Darius Valcov, former Finance Minister in the Ponta Government.

In fact, Viorel Stefan is one of the ministers who stand by Sorin Grindeanu and are allegedly unwilling to file their resignations. According to some sources, Tudorel Toader, Gabriel Les, Augustin Jianu, Alexandru Petrescu and Ionut Vulpescu are the others.


Protesters express support for Grindeanu,  display signs #resist


On Wednesday afternoon, several persons gathered outside the Palace of Parliament where PSD’s National Executive Committee meeting was taking place, to express their support for the Premier, carrying signs reading “#resist”, the slogan that became known following the protests staged in Victory Square early this year.

The placard placed on the Palace of Parliament’s fence read: “Sorinele, #resist”, “Dragnea don’t forget, only you have to leave”, “Dragnea, man up, resign immediately” and “Dragnea, don’t be sad, Grindi is now #resist”.


Tariceanu: ALDE withdraws political support for Prime Minister Grindeanu


Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu has announced on Wednesday that his formation has withdrawn political support for Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu’s Government, mentioning ALDE ministers are ready to resign.

“We voted today to withdraw political support for the Government led by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu. Moreover, my colleagues who are members of the Executive have informed me that they have their resignations at hand, but they have submitted them to me in order to show me they are in consensus with this decision of the Central Political Bureau (of ALDE – ed.n.) to withdraw political support and as such, I do not know what will happen within the Social Democratic Party (PSD), I do not want to anticipate now, although I could,” said Tariceanu on Wednesday .

The ALDE chairman explained that on Wednesday’s meeting of the party’s Political Bureau, he introduced two documents regarding the fulfillment of the governing programme and argued that out of a total of over 390 measures that the Executive should have taken, 260 are still not implemented.

“In quantitative terms, out of a total of over 390 measures, 260 which are not implemented, not addressed. Therefore, from a quantitative perspective, things don’t look good, but the qualitative side is far more important. There are important projects that should have been launched and which weren’t, such as, for example, the establishment of the Sovereign Development Fund, government bonds for citizens, so that the state should no longer borrow from the market, from banks, but be able to borrow at the lowest possible costs (…) We passed in Parliament the unitary pay law, but this should have been correlated with an important reform of the main public services, whether we are talking about education or health, administration, or public order,” Tariceanu added.

Asked whether PSD and ALDE will send a letter to President Klaus Iohannis informing him about the withdrawal of political support for Grindeanu’s Government, Tariceanu replied: “We might do this, but I do not want to anticipate. (…) We are in no position to discuss what President Iohannis will do, nor do I wish to give him any advice, but I can only note one thing, that the result of the vote in December 2016 gave a configuration in Parliament that has not changed. Consequently, the same political configuration is also going to nominate the prime minister (…).”

As far as accepting that the head of state may refuse a prime minister from a PSD-ALDE majority, Tariceanu said: “I have explained that the configuration of Parliament has not changed, there is still the same majority based on the two parties, PSD and ALDE. This is not the time to discuss this. We are in a situation prior to the resignation of the Prime Minister, then we will have this conversation.”

He specified that “the assessments that have been carried out do not indicate a lack of performance of the ALDE ministers.”


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