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October 5, 2022

Statements ahead of NatExCom meeting. Ponta calls on Dragnea to give priority to interests of PSD and Romania

PSD’s Lower Chamber lawmaker Victor Ponta posted on Facebook, on Wednesday, an open letter to all members of the party’s National Executive Committee (NatExCom), asking them to persuade party leader Liviu Dragnea to give priority to the interests of the party and of Romania, being of the opinion that a party that “executes” its Premier and Government, less than six months after the elections, has a leadership that errs. Ponta pointed out that in case PSD files a no-confidence motion against the Grindeanu Government he will form a group of Social Democrat MPs who will vote against “such a mistake”.

“Open letter to the members of PSD’s ExCom – I’m asking you today to persuade Liviu Dragnea to give priority to the interests of PSD and of Romania (even if this means giving up his vanity and strictly personal dissatisfactions)! And I’m asking you especially not to allow Liviu Dragnea to err again! The party leadership that publicly executes its Prime Minister and Government, less than 6 months after the elections, for absolutely no objective reasons that could be explained to its voters and to the public opinion, is a Leadership that errs! The party leadership that, without any objective reason and without any political crisis or pressure, puts at the disposal of the country’s President the Prime Minister’s office it holds, is a Leadership that errs!” the ex-Premier pointed out at the start of his letter.

According to the Social Democrat, “the party leadership that censures its Ministers (appointed with great praise and compliments by the same Leadership a few months before) based on a so-called “Analysis” secretly drafted by persons who obviously are not good in all fields and who do not publicly undersign their conclusions, without publicly explaining what the mistakes are and without giving the said ministers at least the opportunity to be listened to, is a Leadership that errs!”

“You cannot ignore the fact that the governmental team was not formed by Sorin Grindeanu but by Liviu Dragnea – if there are weak ministers, the one who nominated them is to blame! You cannot ignore that the PSD President, “the only one who knows the Platform from cover to cover”, assumed its oversight and the appointment of all secretaries of state, heads of agencies and regional directors! You cannot ignore that, as recently as a week ago, all the Leadership’s “trumpets” were proclaiming the fact that the Platform is being fulfilled “on the dot”, only for us to find out now, from the same “trumpets”, that everything is a disaster!” the ex-Prime Minister added.

He also said that party leaders who demand and accept undated resignations signed by their representatives within the Government “not only break the law, justify the suspicions and accusations of blackmail, but especially issue a profound message of distrust precisely in those whom they appointed as their most efficient representatives within the most important public offices!”

According to the PSD MP, “the party leadership that abusively uses, as a Bible or Quran, an abstract document that has multiple imperfections – the “Governing Platform” –, on whose basis it rules who “the believers and the heretics” are and rules “excommunications”, is a Leadership that errs!”

Victor Ponta claimed that “only communist parties were using in their infighting the deviations from the “Party Programme” or from the “teachings of Marx and Engels” – which no one had read anyway.”

The Social Democrat emphasised that Liviu Dragnea “did not take PSD from 20 to 40 percent / but there are all premises for him to succeed doing the reverse, [taking it] from 40 to 20 percent.”

In the ex-Premier’s opinion, the party leadership that sacks “a Grindeanu Premier who has over 40 percent approval rating, at the request of a leader Dragnea who scores below 20 percent, errs!”

Victor Ponta pointed out that, in case PSD files a no-confidence motion against the Grindeanu Government, he will form a group of Social Democrat MPs who will vote against “such a mistake”.

“The party leadership that expects its MPs to calmly vote for a no-confidence motion against their own Government is a Leadership that errs! If, against all reason, this point is reached (God forbid), I’ll form a Group of PSD MPs that will vote against such mistakes. The Party Leadership that mocks its loyal and serious members is a Leadership that errs profoundly! Sorin Grindeanu engaged in politics ONLY within PSD – he stood by the Party’s side both at rule and in the Opposition –, he won elections in Timis, where we know how tough it is for PSD –, he didn’t ask to be Prime Minister but accepted the office as a solution to the crisis in December (when I said I wouldn’t have appointed him Prime Minister yet, the whole Camarilla attacked me for not backing him)! A leadership that sacks such people, without explanations and without objective reasons, is a Leadership that errs!” the Social Democrat emphasised.

Ponta also told his colleagues that he was member of PSD only, he was leader of TSD, party vice president and president, Lower Chamber lawmaker, minister and Premier, and for this they cannot ignore his “official requests.”

“I’m addressing you because I don’t have the possibility of direct communication with Liviu Dragnea (who used to call me his “friend” and said he loves me just as much as he loves Sorin Grindeanu or Valeriu Zgonea)! It’s no secret for absolutely anyone that the ExCom formally validates what Liviu Dragnea decides in an absolute and exclusive manner – the hypocritical procedures that see the “comrades” from Olt or Giurgiu addressing [the meeting] and Liviu leaving the room “not to influence”, only hike the ridiculousness of the show and define a lack of courage in taking responsibility for decisions that are in fact totally his!” the PSD lawmaker added.

He pointed out that during Wednesday’s Executive Committee meeting, Liviu Dragnea will propose something “profoundly wrong for PSD and for Romania” and the Social Democrats “have at least the duty to try and change his mind.”

“Today, within PSD, I’m experiencing the feeling I had on 14 March 2006, when another ExCom erroneously decided to “execute” Adrian Nastase and to cede the office of Lower Chamber Speaker (which we had successfully managed to defend for a year)! However, at least the vote was 37-14 back then – the more so are today’s unanimities condemnable! Look around and see how many of the 37 are still alongside you today! And you can ask them if they did the right thing back then”, the lawmaker added.

Victor Ponta expressed his belief that a solution could be found by the time the NatExCom meeting was scheduled to start, at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, doing so afterward being “too late”, and that those who generated the crisis will be responsible for it.


Pro Romania’s Constantin on PM’s rumored sacking: PSD loses governing or pushes for President’s suspension


Chairman of the recently formed Pro Romania party Daniel Constantin said on Wednesday that the tensions caused by the tentative ousting of Premier Sorin Grindeanu could peak in the suspension of President Klaus Iohannis.

“If Dragnea commits the major mistake of dismissing Grindeanu, President Iohannis has all the reasons to no longer appoint a member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) as Premier. What are PSD’s options in such a situation? Does it accept to lose governing, or forces the President’s suspension? Maybe that’s what they are after and these have been the stakes of this scandal right from the start. Maybe they seek to fully grab the power. It wouldn’t be for the first time,” Constantin wrote on Facebook.


Boc: I wouldn’t wish to be in Grindeanu’s place. PDL also had its moments of crisis, but we discussed them inside the family


The former PM Emil Boc commented on Wednesday about the situation in PSD, saying that he wouldn’t wish to be in Sorin Grindeanu’s place, and that he has a “déjà vu” feeling, because moments of crisis have also been during the PDL government, but they were discussed “rather inside the family”.

“I wouldn’t wish to be in his (Grindeanu’s – e.n.) place, it’s the first thing that… I watch everything more relaxed and with a déjà vu feeling. (…) Moments of crisis occur in all the governments. Do you think that we didn’t have our moments of crisis? We discussed it rather inside the family than in front of the press ad in public debates” Boc said.

The former PDL leader said that he was also asked to resign as a PM and he had to face “10 or 11 censure motions”.

“I wouldn’t wish to be in Mr. Grindeanu’s place, he has a difficult situation to manage, but I am sure PSD has the political resources to find a solution, first of all for Romania’s stability. We’ll see which will it be” Boc added.



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