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May 6, 2021

Criminal file for abusive behavior after the incident between Boureanu and the policemen

Prosecutors of the 1st District Court opened a criminal file in rem for abusive behavior, after the scandal in which the former MP Cristian Boureanu was involved, together with the policemen; his lawyer claimed that he was aggressed by the policemen.

The spokesman of the Prosecution Office attached to the 1st District Court, Daniel Nedea, stated for News.ro that the criminal file for abusive behavior was open by the prosecutors on Wednesday.

On Sunday, the Road Police Brigade published images from the incident in which the former MP Cristian Boureanu was involved. Besides the already known scenes, in which Boureanu threats the policemen and hits one of them, the whole dialogue with them is presented. In the record, the police officer to whom he grabbed his hand in the car door threats him that he will “appear” in the news and that he will make a criminal file against him for outrage and body harm, telling him he is drunk. The video ends with the policeman being hit for the second time, responding by punching Cristian Boureanu into his face.

On Saturday, Cristian Boureanu was arrested for 30 days, a criminal file for outrage being made on his name.

In the night of the incident, Cristian Boureanu was taken to the Police, and an ambulance was requested later, taking him to the Floreasca Hospital, from where he was discharged on Friday afternoon, with a diagnosis of head trauma and maxillary sinus fracture, according to medical sources. The diagnosis was confirmed later by his lawyer who claimed that the former MP was aggressed by the policemen.

IntMin Carmen Dan stated on Tuesday, referring to this incident, that the policeman reacted after being hit by the former MP, and his detention was not an accident.

“I noticed that Mr. Boureanu was the initiator of the aggression, not the policeman. The policeman reacted after he was hit. I’m sure that investigators will decide if he acted in the right way or not. On the other hand, I’m sure the prosecutor will make wise decisions, and the measure of detention was not, at my point of view, accidental. The policeman is on the streets to apply the law, not to be hit, assaulted” the IntMin said.

Asked if, in her opinion, a disciplinary measure is appropriate against the policeman who threatened Boureanu with a criminal case, Carmen Dan replied: “The policeman has tried to have a dialogue with Mr. Boureanu. As it was found, it was not possible and Mr. Boureanu chose to hit the policeman. The policeman reacted after he was hit. It is important to take this into account. I am sure that a careful check will be made on the way in which the regulation and the procedure have been considered”.


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