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June 16, 2021

Darius Valcov, author of Gov’t activity assessment, indicted in two corruption dossiers and probed in a third, is still on conditional bail

Former Minister Darius Valcov, author of the report assessing the activity of the Grindeanu Government, report presented on Wednesday at the meeting of PSD’s Executive Committee, which decided to withdraw its political endorsement for Premier Sorin Grindeanu, is indicted in two corruption dossiers and criminally prosecuted in a third, being still on conditional bail. While in the dossier handled by the Supreme Court, in which he is accused of influence peddling and money laundering, all restrictions were recently lifted, in the dossier handled by the Olt Court, in which he is accused of passive bribery and influence peddling, Darius Valcov is still on conditional bail.


The stage of the dossiers


Darius Valcov’s first dossier, in which he was indicted for allegedly asking a constructions company for kickbacks representing 20 percent of the value of some public contracts, has been on the docket of the Supreme Court since May 2015. The trial has reached its 27th court hearing, the defendants and a series of witnesses being heard. The next court hearing in the dossier in which the former Finance Minister is accused of influence peddling and money laundering has been scheduled for June 19th. Back in April, the Supreme Case decided to lift the conditional bail measures ruled against Darius Valcov.

In the second dossier, Darius Valcov was indicted by the DNA in November 2015, for passive bribery and influence peddling, after he allegedly asked for and received from several businessmen, in his capacity as Slatina mayor, for kickbacks representing 10 percent of the value of public contracts that the Slatina City Hall had awarded to their companies. According to the DNA, Valcov received a bribe of RON 4.3 million.

This second dossier was at first sent to the Bucharest Court, however that court decided, in January 2016, to decline its competence and send the dossier to the Olt Court. The trial has reached its 18th court hearing there, several witnesses listed in the indictment having been heard, some of them subpoenaed. One of the defendants asked for judge Otilia Chirita to be recused, request rejected by another panel of judges.

The next court hearing in this case is scheduled for June 21.

On June 14, the Craiova Court of Appeals rejected Darius Valcov’s appeal against the conditional bail ruled against him in this case, so that the former minister and mayor is still under the incidence of this measure, which entails several obligations – to show up before the prosecutor or the court every time he is summoned, not to contact the witnesses and not to carry a gun on him. The Craiova Court of Appeals lifted the ban on him leaving the country, on 2 August 2016.

The third dossier in which Darius Valcov is involved is still at the DNA. In June 2015, the DNA announced that prosecutors started a criminal probe against Valcov, after the former Slatina Mayor allegedly asked a company manager (the denouncer) for RON 2,500,000, representing 10-15 percent of the sums his company had received from the Slatina City Hall based on a contract. According to the DNA, from 21 January 2013 to 13 June 2013, Valcov received from the said company, via another company, in several instalments, the sum of RON 2,146,270, in return for interceding with decisional factors within the Slatina City Hall so that the denouncer would not have problems with the contract and would receive, on time, the payment for services rendered.

The contract concerned the drafting of feasibility studies and technical designs and the implementation of refurbishment works on 131 apartment buildings in Slatina, totalling RON 24,833,258, VAT not included.

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