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June 29, 2022

Dragnea, after PSD’s decisions to expel Grindeanu and to file no-confidence motion: Gov’t occupied by illegitimate group; Sorin Grindeanu is a tool; some ministers wanted to leave Gov’t due to lack of communication

The decision to cancel Grindeanu’s party membership and to file the no-confidence motion against his Cabinet was unanimously adopted by PSD’s National Executive Committee, which convened on Thursday at the party’s central headquarters.

According to Article 27 of the PSD Statute, “a person’s capacity as member of the Social Democratic Party is lost through resignation, striking out, exclusion or by joining another party.”

Article 31 mentions exclusion as a sanction applied against the party member via a decision adopted by the bureau of the local party branch whose member he/she is. The party member who holds an office within the party’s leadership bodies at the level of the party branch located within the territorial area allotted to the polling station, as well as at the level of the local party branch, can be excluded, at the proposal forwarded by the leadership body whose member he/she is, by the hierarchically superior leadership body.

The National Executive Committee is the one to decide, in exceptional situations, with two thirds of the votes, the exclusion of any party member for serious violations of the Statute or for causing major damage to PSD.


“Victoria Palace is currently occupied by an illegitimate group that is trying to go against the result of the elections”


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday, after the party’s National Executive Committee meeting, that Victoria Palace is currently occupied by an illegitimate group that is trying to go against the result of the elections, and Sorin Grindeanu is a tool. He said the transformation the Premier has undergone lately means he is no longer the person he endorsed and nominated at the helm of the Government. He confirmed the party will table on Monday a no-confidence motion against the Grindeanu Government, claiming that in the past two or three months several ministers complained of the lack of communication within the Government.

Dragnea pointed out that, during the NatExCom meeting, “very many colleagues” demanded Sorin Grindeanu be excluded from the party, a proposal that was unanimously adopted. Dragnea said that, as a result of the announcement made at the Presidential Palace, PSD took the decision to table the no-confidence motion.

According to Dragnea, Victoria Palace is currently occupied by an illegitimate group that is trying to go against the result of the elections, complaining of professional coordination and a well-prepared plan.

“Seeing how these actions are taking place, I don’t believe it’s a hastily-drafted plan. I didn’t believe this assessment will stir such a scandal and we will discover, unwittingly, a plan we were not aware of. (…) There’s professional coordination. What’s happening at the Government exceeds the democratic framework. It goes against the result of the elections and against common sense. An illegitimate group is occupying the Victoria Palace,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Asked if he thinks politicians or representatives of the secret services are behind Grindeanu, the PSD leader said: “We’d see a politician by his side, but maybe there are institutions or people from outside politics. We only see the result, we have no institutions offering us this information. (…) Today, some colleagues, especially from Transylvania, said that had we discussed more back in January, they would have opposed it because they knew more things.”

“PSD is under siege once again and it’s not under political siege, because, apart from a small action of support for Sorin Grindeanu on the part of USR, we haven’t seen other political actions. I can’t tell who exactly lies behind this action, but there’s professional coordination,” Dragnea said.

The PSD leader stated that Grindeanu’s actions in the past day show that there is a “plan” that was drafted early on.

“Judging by the speed all these actions are being organised, it becomes clear that this isn’t a plan hastily drafted yesterday or last evening or last night. My colleagues and I, we didn’t suspect that this intention, announced a month ago, that an analysis is up next, (…) will stir such a scandal,” Dragnea added.

He added that a plan that has nothing to do with the PSD was thus discovered. Dragnea stated that the Social Democrats will take precautions when nominating the new Premier.

“We also talked about the new nomination for the Prime Minister’s office and about the make-up of the new Government, and together we agreed to take safety measures, to no longer make such a mistake. I’m the main culprit, I asked my colleagues to accept this nomination. I trusted this man. He’s a man I cared very much about. (…) My colleagues and I, we didn’t suspect we would reach this point, that he would undergo such a transformation,” Dragnea said.

Asked what he means by that, Dragnea said that Sorin Grindeanu “is no longer himself.” “In our opinion, and I’m saying this with regret, (…) Sorin Grindeanu is a tool. Whose tool he is, it’s difficult for us to figure out,” Dragnea said.

He added that most of his colleagues believe that Grindeanu seemed “to have behind him something that forced him to say the things” he said during his statement at the Government.

Asked whether he still agrees with the statement he made in December 2016, that Grindeanu ended up being member of the SRI Oversight Committee “by chance,” Dragnea said he is no longer sure.

“I’m no longer sure he was member [of the committee] by chance; honestly, I’m no longer sure of anything,” he pointed out.

Dragnea called the current Government a shadow Government. “I’ve heard several options for the make-up of a shadow Government. For the first time, the shadow Government is at the Victoria Palace, not in the shadows like before.”

“For the past two or three months, ministers have complained they were unable to communicate with the Premier and that there were administrative gridlocks. I’ve had several talks with Sorin Grindeanu, that these things will be mended. There were several ministers who were planning to leave the Government. I asked them not to do it,” Liviu Dragnea stated after the NatExCom meeting which decided the tabling of a no-confidence motion against the Grindeanu Government.

The PSD leader announced that the motion will be filed on Monday and voted on Wednesday.

“I took note of the statements made at Cotroceni about the letter ALDE and we sent, informing him [the President] about yesterday’s decisions. Consequently, we took the decision that a no-confidence motion will be tabled on Monday, and will be debated and voted on Wednesday. We didn’t want this situation. I regret it, but here we are,” Dragnea added.


Dragnea: Part of Grindeanu’s Cabinet to be found in new Gov’t


Social Democrats leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday that most members of Grindeanu’s Government will be found in the new executive that the Social Democratic Party (PSD – major at rule) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE – minor at rule) ruling coalition will propose.

“We are ready, my colleagues have already begun to work with the resigning ministers on the measures that need to be taken and the normative acts that have to be adopted in order to quickly recover the delays. Next week, we want to proceed to the construction of a new Government, that will make up for most of these delays, during this summer, until September 1, so that the other measures that depend on those taken in 2017 can enter into force next year and in the coming years. Most, some of the members of Grindeanu’s Government will find themselves in the new government, from my point of view,” Dragnea specified in a press conference after PSD’s National Executive Committee meeting.

He added that within the party, there have already been discussions about the new proposal for the position of prime minister, but also about the configuration of the future Cabinet.


ALDE’s Tariceanu: Decision to file no-confidence motion next Monday validated


ALDE President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Thursday that he talked with his colleagues about the validation of the decision to table a no-confidence motion next Monday.

“I discussed with my colleagues the validation of the decision to promote a no-confidence motion that we would table in Parliament next week, on Monday,” Tariceanu stated following the ALDE leadership meeting.

Tariceanu said that signatures will be collected and the no-confidence motion lodged with Parliament on Monday. He expects the motion to be rapidly debated and adopted, the voting possibly taking place next week as well.

“This way, we will put an end to the political crisis,” Tariceanu stated.

He pointed out that Parliament’s leadership will hold a meeting to establish the procedural steps.

“We may have extra votes from parties that are not part of the coalition. We haven’t had talks in this regard, but I have signals that this intention exists,” Tariceanu said.


 “Grindeanu clings to office, attempts various solutions to stay at Gov’t helm”


Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu considers that Premier Sorin Grindeanu is clinging to office and attempts various solutions to stay at the helm of the government.

“This morning we had a round of consultations with the Social Democrat leaders to deal with this rather unprecedented situation where a Premier who lost political support clings to office and attempts various solutions to stay at the head of the government without the political support of the parties that make the majority in Parliament. This is worth of the Guinness World Records. (…) As you can see, here in Romania we witness despicable juggling acts by a man who has become Prime Minister not for his own merits, but because he was nominated to this position by the majority coalition in Parliament. At this point it would have been normal for him to understand that there is just one political solution – not to mention the constitutional avenue – that of relinquishing his mandate. (…). I am glad there is a common understanding of this gesture and of this action,” Tariceanu said on Thursday at the ALDE headquarters, after the meeting of the formation’s Central Political Bureau.

Tariceanu underscored that in the situation where the Prime Minister refuses to resign, there is no other solution than lodging a no-confidence motion.

The ALDE leader also explained the reasons for the withdrawal of political support for Grindeanu’s government.

“There are two main reasons. The first is related to the Prime Minister’s incapacity to lead the government (…), and this is where all the failures in enforcing the governing program ensue from. The second, increasingly more obvious reason, as reflected by news about attempts to form another government team, to appoint another Secretary-general, reveals a political agenda that is even not parallel to that of the ruling coalition, but is completely divergent to this, that has to do with other interests; the more so, under these circumstances, trust can no longer reign between us and that’s why the decision to strip him of the political support was made,” Tariceanu explained.


Grindeanu: I guarantee that I am not clinging in any way to the position of Prime Minister. There is an imminent risk for PSD to lose governing


Earlier on Thursday, Sorin Grindeanu stated he would like an ample consultation within the party, “with all those who work and truly believe in the PSD [Social Democratic Party]”, showing that the party “must remain a pillar of competence and responsibility”.

“I have been with PSD for over 20 years. And I assure you of my respect for everything you’ve done in this party. I guarantee that I am not clinging in any way to the position of Prime Minister that I currently hold also because of the support you have given me. I want to make sure that the President of Romania will again nominate a premier from the PSD, and then I am ready to resign. There is an imminent risk for PSD to lose governing, and at this moment we are actually transferring to President Iohannis all the power in Romania. We cannot accept this situation! I am proposing an ample consultation within the party with all those who work and truly believe in the PSD! I would like you to wisely weigh what you decide today. We have a duty towards Romania. Our party has always been a benchmark of stability, we are not defined by internal crises. PSD must remain a pillar of competence and responsibility,” Sorin Grindeanu communicated on his Facebook page.


Grindeanu to PSD members: Don’t be afraid to be on the good side


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu says the strength of the Social Democratic Party lies with the hundreds of thousands of members who led the formation to victory, telling them not to be afraid to support the “good side.”

“I thank all mayors and members of the PSD who supported me, but also Romanians outside politics, who sent me messages on Facebook. The force of the Social Democratic Party lay and lies with the hundreds of thousands of members who led us to victory. To all the members of this party I say: don’t be afraid to be on the good side! Romania needs stability and responsibility in the governing act,” the PM said in a Facebook post on Thursday.




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