Dragnea insists, Grindeanu resists: PSD’s CExN voted to withdraw political support for Grindeanu Cabinet

The National Executive Committee (CExN) of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) has voted, on Wednesday, unanimously, to withdraw the political support for the Sorin Grindeanu Cabinet. The decision was made with 68 votes for. In addition,  the CExN of the PSD has also voted to exclude from the party anyone who would accept to be part of the Grindeanu Cabinet if the current Prime Minister would come with a proposal in this sense.

Furthermore, the mentioned sources said that Thursday there would be a new meeting of the CExN of the PSD to nominate a new Prime Minister.


Dragnea: All PSD Gov’t members presented resignations


All the ministers belonging to the Social Democrat Party (PSD) have presented their resignations, said, on Wednesday, Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea at the end of the National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting.

“All the PSD members of the Government have presented their resignations before the CExN and we are not speaking about the famous undated resignations,” said Dragnea.

He mentioned that, together with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, the PSD is ready to form a new Government.

Dragnea also said that, according to the analysis of the Government’s activity, the direction is good, but that some ministers have not taken the governing programme seriously.

“Analysing this document, the majority of colleagues drew the conclusion, myself included, that part of the Government’s members did not take the governing programme seriously,” said Dragnea.


PSD’s Gov’t performance assessment report: 60pct of objectives not fulfilled; sluggish implementation pace


The Sorin Grindeanu Government has not carried through 60 percent of the measures in the governing programme of the Social Democratic Party (PSD); in fact, out of a total of 393 measures, a number of 236 were not accomplished, according to the an assessment report regarding the achievement stage of the governing programme.

The conclusions of the report mention the lack of coordination between ministries and between ministries and the prime-minister, misunderstanding the programme’s vision by the majority of those in charge with its implementation, a sluggish pace in terms of enforcing the measures in the governing programme and the lack of a strict, daily control of the implementation process on the part of the person designated by the coalition to lead the ministerial team.

Furthermore, the report claims that the enforcement of the main reform measures were abandoned; major delays were recorded in enforcing the investment calendar; measures running contrary to the governing programme were adopted, as well as the “the feeling that the fight against high-level corruption was abandoned.”

The report blames the Grindeanu Government for incomplete communication of the reasons why certain measures were taken; opacity in running the government programme; failure to meet the deadline of a programme for the celebration of the Great Union; inability to attract public support for endorsing major projects of the coalition, as well as the failure to disclose publicly the existing situation when taking over office.


PSD leader: I will send official notification to President telling him about our decisions


PSD chairman  said Wednesday evening that he drew up an official notification to President Klaus Iohannis telling him about the decisions made by the PSD’s National Executive Committee at its convention the same day. He added that he will submit the notification by the next morning.

“Together with the colleagues from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) [junior in the ruling coalition] and from PSD in the ruling coalition we drew up an official notification to Romania’s President that will be sent this night, if possible, if not first time next morning, in which we officially inform the President about the decisions we made and our future proposals. The President will be informed about political decisions we made today,” Dragnea said at Parliament Palace after a convention of the PSD’s National Executive Committee.

He added that he is absolutely convinced President Iohannis will proceed very wisely with this matter.

“Besides our legitimate right to make such decisions – because this was similar or symmetrical political decisions like the ones made when the incumbent government was formed – we had an obligation to conduct this assessment and we are under an obligation to take the measures that help us all benefit from the provisions in the government programme. Hopefully, Mr Sorin Grindeanu will understand this if he believed and still believes in the government programme in this country. At the same time, I am perfectly sure that Romania’s President will approach the matter very wisely,” said Dragnea.


“ Grindeanu said he will post his resignation on Facebook if President nominates new PSD PM”


Liviu Dragnea on Wednesday evening quoted outgoing Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu as having told a convention of the PSD National Executive Committee (CExN) that he will observe the coalition’s decision and post his resignation on Facebook, but that he will only sent it to President Iohannis if the President nominates a new prime Minister from among PSD members.

“The first time Mr Sorin Grindeanu said he will observe the CEX’s decision, but he didn’t stay to see what that decision is, adding he will resign and post the resignation on Facebook, he will publish it and send it to President Iohannis only if President Iohannis confirms that he will appoint a prime-minister from PSD. The second time he spoke, he said that because I recommended him for prime-minister and the ministers in the Gov’t (…) I have to resign, and he walked out,” the PSD leader told a news conference.

He called the condition imposed by the PM to resign as “an unfair and dishonest” and stated that the President will take into account a proposal from the ruling coalition.

“I believe this is an unfair and dishonest approach by Mr Grindeanu, because the President of Romania, in my opinion, cannot be conditioned. And I believe that he will leave this game, adding, at the same time that he will observe the decision of the National Executive Committee and of the colleagues in ALDE [Alliance of Liberals and Democrats]. I don’t think that President Iohannis won’t take into consideration a proposal from the coalition, because I am absolutely convinced that the election is over and that President Iohannis, doesn’t intend to trigger a political crisis, and neither do we,” said Dragnea.


Dragnea: A PSD member entering a Gov’t not endorsed by party loses membership


National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday that any PSD member who joins a government that is not supported by PSD loses party membership.

Responding to whether or not Prime Minister Grindeanu will still be a member of PSD eve when not resigning, Dragnea said, “No one is excluded from the party on television. We have concluded the National Executive Committee convention, we have adopted a resolution and (. …) any PSD member who enters a government that is not endorsed by the PSD loses party membership. We do not have a government yet. ”

Dragnea also said that the gov’t performance review on Wednesday “doesn’t generate a political crisis,” and that from his point of view, this situation could be settled if consultations were to be carried out on Thursday with the country’s President.

“An assessment does not generate a political crisis. An assessment is a binding act and a responsible act. The fact that this assessment has generated a great deal of fear in a certain part it’s not our problem (…) A political crisis can arise if those who have been politically appointed do not understand that they are no longer politically supported. From our point of view, this topic could close tomorrow if consultations are conducted at Cotroceni, ” the PSD leader said.


PM Grindeanu: I will not resign


On the other hand, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu announced on Wednesday evening  that he will not resign.

He mentioned that he will do so only after President Iohannis will agree to appointing a new Prime Minister from the PSD.

“I have the obligation to act responsibly towards Romania and towards the party I am part of. You should know this Government is Romania’s Government, it is not the CEx’s [Executive Committee of the PSD] Goverment and I believe we should all feel responsible for this and I feel responsible. I will resign and I repeat what I said in the CEx: when President Iohannis, after consultations with the parties, will name a Prime Minister for the PSD. I believe that it is normal towards those hundreds of thousands of people, towards the score that PSD got in the elections for this to happen I do not want, as much as possible, other scenarios to enter the discussion, it is exactly for this that I am doing this,” said Grindeanu, at the Government.


“I was offered many positions, including on Wednesday evening, so that I resign office”


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated that even on Wednesday evening, close to the convention of the National Executive Committee (CExN) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), he was offered several position just so he will step down from the PM office.

“I want to clarify certain things of the CEx, because I have seen some overtones that weren’t quite like that (…) I heard earlier Mr Liviu Dragnea stating that he wasn’t sure that this CexN convention would end with the withdrawal of the political support and the attempt to dismiss me. I don’t want to tell you that things weren’t like that, but I tell you how they are now. Namely: why all this time – and I will not name names – including several instances tonight, was I offered the chair of several public institutions so I will resign or be a part of the future gov’t, as minister or deputy prime-minister, etc? Moreover, I have heard Mr Chairman Liviu Dragnea saying that he wouldn’t have wanted for me to leave, but, at the same time, he tried, as I was saying, to convince me to accept other offices. This is to clarify this situation, which I think needs to be clarified,” Grindeanu told a news conference at Victoria Palace.

Responding to whether or not he was proposed to be chair of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) or director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), Grindeanu didn’t want to confirm, but confirmed that he was offered among others, a deputy prime-minister office.


“Evaluation I saw tonight was justification to tell me to resign”


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said that he saw the evaluation of the activity of the Government on Wednesday for the first time, matter which seemed unfair to him, adding that it was a justification to be told to resign.

“I saw this evaluation this evening for the first time. If that seems fair to you, to me it doesn’t. This evaluation should have been done in dialogue with me as Prime Minister. (…) I believe what happened through this evaluation was in fact a justification to tell me: you need to leave, you need to resign,” said Grindeanu, at the Government.

He dubbed the evaluation of ministers, of which he said was conducted by Darius Valcov, as a ‘book of hours’.


Grindeanu: I’ve asked Dragnea to share blame for alleged failure of governance


Grindeanu said Wednesday evening that at a convention of the National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) the same day he asked PSD national leader Liviu Dragnea to resign office at the same time with him to share blame for what the party’s leading board termed failure so far of governance.

“Although we have an economy that works very well – an I am not alone in saying that, as European bodies second – and that the vast majority of the ministers worked hard, after all this I asked Mr Liviu Dragnea at the CEx convention to join me in sharing responsibility for this alleged failure. That means both of us resigning office. I did not see that happen, or maybe I missed the statements afterwards. One month ago, on May 19, Mr Chairman was saying ‘All the ministries give me great satisfaction as a citizen, as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and as party leader’. Once again, that happened on May 19. I could not find out what have changed in the meantime, what has happened, not even form the CEx convention,” Grindeanu told a news conference at the Government House.

He went on to say that he did not want PSD and Romania reaching this very hard moment.

“Before the convention, I tried to understand the reasons for this fury to change the own government after just six months in office. And we are talking about a government that, for better or for worse, had a great performance and results. I also wanted to understand why for more than one month Mr Liviu Dragnea and others you saw on TV kept talking about reshuffle, assessments, resignations (…). I had a hard time understanding why, and I still do. What’s the use of putting pressure on your own ministers, the ones that you put in office?” said Grindeanu.


Grindeanu: Ministers’ resignations should be tendered to me; I am urging the remaining ministers to responsibility


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu also said Wednesday evening that the resignation letters will come into effect after the Presidential Administration has taken note of them, urging the ministers left in office to responsibility.

“I will give you details tomorrow. I want us to work procedurally, which means the resignations should reach me. We shall see tomorrow what this is all about, but I wanted to say something and urge the ministers still in office to responsibility. Procedurally, the resignations come into effect when the prime minister sends them to the Presidential Administration, which takes note of them. That is the procedure and law regulating Romania’s Government,” said Grindeanu, responding to whether the ministers resigned office as national leader of the Social Democratic Party, Liviu Dragnea claimed.

He added that on Thursday he will provide a schedule of the Government.

“I have not received anything formally. I will make the decisions tomorrow after seeing what happens; I guess you mean the resignations of some of the Cabinet members. There is currently nothing official,” added Grindeanu.


Grindeanu: I am a PSD member; there are no statutory reasons for my expulsion


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu a said Wednesday evening that he is still a member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and that he does not know whether or not he was expelled from the party after a convention of the PSD National Executive Committee.

Grindeanu was asked by the press at a news conference at the Government House to clarify whether or not he is expelled from PSD, given the statements of PSD national leader Liviu Dragnea on this matter were unclear.

“I am a member in Timis, the organisation 139 Timisoara (…) I do not know, but I do not believe I was expelled. (…) I have no knowledge of that happening, and I cannot see what the statutory reasons would be. Once again, I mean statutory reasons, because apart from the decisions of 60 people, there are the PSD statutes that should guide our action. Do you know what Article 120 – I believe paragraph three – thereof say? Validation of the prime minister shall be performed by the Congress. Please, check that!” said Grindeanu.

Responding to whether or not he asked the convention of the PSD National Executive Committee on Wednesday to convene the PSD Congress, Grindeanu said, “I asked that the statutes be observed. (…) From this point of view, that means that as well.”

Grindeanu also denied rumours that he and former PSD national leader Victor Ponta would break way from PSD to make their own party, saying that he will continue to stay with PSD.


Outgoing PM Grindeanu: I didn’t know this was caretaker Gov’t, perhaps Olguta Vasilescu is better informed


Outgoing Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated on Wednesday night that he didn’t know his cabinet was a caretaker gov’t, as his Cabinet colleague, Labour Minister Olguta Vasilescu told a convention of the National Executive Committee (CExN) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), adding that she was probably “better informed.”

“No. I heard that too, because I was there when Mrs Olguta Vasilescu made the statement that if everybody knew that the gov’t I had been leading was a caretaker gov’t. I didn’t know that: we appoint a government every five months or every six months. Frankly, I, myself was surprised, but perhaps Mrs Lia Olguta Vasilescu had the information and was better informed and knew that after five months an assessment report made by Mr Valcov would emerge and tell us what he said,” Grindeanu said at Victoria Palace.


Grindeanu to PSD members: Don’t be afraid to be on the good side


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu says the strength of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) lies with the hundreds of thousands of members who led the formation to victory, telling them not to be afraid to support the “good side.”

“I thank all mayors and members of the PSD who supported me, but also Romanians outside politics, who sent me messages on Facebook. The force of the Social Democratic Party lay and lies with the hundreds of thousands of members who led us to victory. To all the members of this party I say: don’t be afraid to be on the good side! Romania needs stability and responsibility in the governing act,” the PM said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

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