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Kaufland Romania, main supporter of ONGFest 2017

Responsibility is one the main values of Kaufland Romania. In 2017, the company became an important social partner for the Romanian civil society. The most important causes and NGOs in Romania will gather this week-end in Herăstrau Park in Bucharest at ONGFest 2017, wich has Kaufland Romania as the main sponsor. We talked about CSR, values and ONGFest with Anna Katharina Scheidereiter, CSR Manager, Kaufland Romania.


What is the CSR direction of Kaufland Romania in 2017?


This year, we have decided, besides our traditional goals in CSR (educational access for all children in Romania, social equality and cultural events in arts and music) to focus more on health and sport programmes, as well as on sustainable ecological projects.


Kaufland Romania is one of the main supporters of the events organised by civil society in Romania. What does supporting ONGFest 2017 mean for Kaufland?


In our strategic approach, being a successful company means also being responsible.

We have responsibility not only for our clients and for our employees, but also for the local communities in which we are present, as well as the entire society of the country.

It is for us a main objective to fulfil our role as a social partner for Romania.

That is the reason why we became partner of the ONG Fest which is a great opportunity for the NGO scene to present their projects and raise awareness for several causes.


What has Kaufland Romania prepared for this year’s edition of ONGFest?


This year it is all about the Civic Break.

We send the visitors in an adventure together with the NGO’s.

They will find more about many interesting projects and causes that are supported in Romania and, at the end, they can win an interesting experience at the Kaufland tent. We are expecting them with 2000 prizes.


There are a number of NGOs participating in this event that are supported by Kaufland Romania. What sort of projects did they run?


In Bucharest, about 10 % of our partners are participating at the NGO Fest. We will see, for example.  the projects of Asociatia DECS , that promotes education through digital media, or ActivRandom, who fights for equal access to the labour market of immigrant and Romany women, or Help Autism with whom we opened a therapy centre in Bucharest for children that suffer all kind of Autism disorders.

We also collaborate with the Foundation of Princess Margarete of Romania and support  their scholarship-programme for young artists without financial possibilities.

With the occasion of the ONG Fest, we bring together our traditional partners,  such as Salvati Copiii or Asociația Viitorul în Zori, but also new and young ones, like  Asociatia Necuvinte that raises awareness and makes advocacy for domestic violence cause.


Kaufland Romania will be present in ONGFest in Iasi and also in Cluj-Napoca. How is Kaufland involved in these communities?


Kaufland is present in every Romanian county and we are interested in investing in all the communities of Romania with sustainable projects.

Cluj and Iasi are for sure the main interest points for us, we support there the civil society with several partners, such as Prison Fellowship, Estuar or Asociatia 11Even with whom we devellopped the project “Bucurie in miscare” and it is about sport for everybody. This project actually had such a big success that we have decided this year to expand it also to the Republic of Moldova.


More than 130 organisations at ONGFest staged in Bucharest, Iasi and Cluj-Napoca


More than 130 non-governmental organizations from Romania, Switzerland and the Republic of Moldova announced their presence at the eighth edition of ONGFest, the largest event dedicated to civil society staged in Romania, that will take place in Bucharest, Iasi and Cluj-Napoca, the organizers announced in a release on Wednesday.

In Bucharest, the June 17 – 18 festival venue is the Herastrau Park – Charles de Gaulle entrance; in Iasi the event takes place on June 24, and in Cluj-Napoca – on July 1st.

“This year’s theme, Civic Break, references the civic spirit of each NGO and citizen, inviting the visitors to a trip among the various advocacy causes presented at the festival. Just like in a city break, the visitors get out of their everyday routine and have the opportunity to discover how NGOs have built a better Romania for everyone. They will directly interact with the participating organizations, discover what’s up and running in the country and how they can get involved,” the organizers said.

According to the cited source, this year the event highlights the role of the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program, which has been supporting the Romanian community for 15 years now, facilitating cooperation relations between the two countries.

ONGFest 2017 is organized by the Foundation for Civil Society Development together with its local partners: the Federation of Social Service NGOs (Iasi) and the Civitas Foundation for Civil Society (Cluj-Napoca) and is co-financed under the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program.


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