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December 2, 2021

Timken Company – global leader on the roller bearings market, opens new plant in Romania

Timken Company – global leader on the roller bearings market – has opened a new plant in Prahova County, Romania, in response to global demand. The event took place this week, U.S. Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm joining Timken’s Vice President for Europe, Asia and Africa at the inauguration of the plant.

Timken Company – global leader on the roller bearings market, organised on 13 June 2017 the opening ceremony of its new manufacturing unit in Prahova County, Romania. The investment, announced since 2015, is located in Ploiesti West Parc – on the territory of the Aricestii Rahtivani commune – and comes 20 years after the company started manufacturing bearings in Romania by acquiring the former heavy bearings plant in Ploiesti. At the opening ceremony, Andreas Roellgen – Timken Vice President for Europe, Asia and Africa, and Bogdan Stanciu – the director of the new plant, were joined by the mayor of Aricestii Rahtivani, by Prahova County Council Chairman Bogdan Toader, by clients and Government representatives, but also by U.S. Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm. The new plant in Prahova will address the global demand for Timken roller bearings. At this moment, the new plant has one manufacturing line, the second is being completed and another two will come online next year, the intention being to manufacture 1.4 million bearings per year, a total of 120 jobs being assured in 2018. The plant has a surface area of 15,000 square metres, a total of almost 60 million dollars being invested in the most modern technologies. As mentioned during the press conference, the investment will also benefit from governmental support representing 29 percent of the value of the investment.

“I’m thrilled to launch our company’s second plant in Romania. This new manufacturing unit strengthens our presence in Europe and our capacity to respond to the clients’ demands at local and global level, with the help of our capabilities and services as market leaders. This investment is part of the company’s strategic growth plan, which includes geographic expansion, the competitiveness of production and the acceleration of operational processes from the development to the sale of products,” said Andreas Roellgen, Timken Vice President for Europe, Asia and Africa. During the presentation of the new investment, it was mentioned that one of the strong points that mattered in the opening of the second plant in Prahova was also “the Romanian labour force, which is competitive and of quality,” a fact that has prompted Timken to open in our country “a global centre of excellence, bearings for the company’s entire global activity being designed through the work of 50 engineers.”

In this context, U.S. Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm stated that Timken’s investments in Prahova represent a good example of the potential that Romania has for American companies. “Last week I was in America, at the White House, alongside the presidents of the U.S. and Romania, Donald Trump and Klaus Iohannis. Among other things, during our talks we discussed the entire activity taking place as part of the strategic partnership, with emphasis on the economic dimension. The Romanian President underscored the efforts Romania wants to make to strengthen economic relations with the U.S. Consequently, I’m glad to have the opportunity, just a few days after my return to Romania, to take part in the inauguration of a new American plant in Prahova. It’s a good example of the partnership I was talking about, of the collaboration between the two states. Today is “Timken Day”, against the backdrop of which, this year, the American company marks 20 years of presence in Romania, and I’m taking this opportunity to congratulate all members of the leadership of the two plants in Prahova,” U.S. Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm stated. At the same time, in the speech he gave, the U.S. ambassador also pointed out that other American companies, such as Coca Cola, Cameron or Federal Mogul, which are present in Prahova, “prove that a friendly environment pays off.” Likewise, Hans Klemm also outlined “the company’s social responsibility.” “Timken Company has brought a particularly valuable contribution through the Timken Foundation, a completely separate entity that supports projects that benefit the community. We are talking about funds for backing the projects of charity associations and NGOs. From 1997, when the Timken Company acquired the heavy bearings plant in Ploiesti, up to now the company has invested over 6 million dollars supporting healthcare and education projects. These are projects that came to the benefit of the community in Ploiesti and this is evidence of the success that American companies can have in Romania,” the U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest added.


Sales of 2.7 billion dollars in 2016


“Since 1997, when we launched the production of bearings in Romania, in Ploiesti, we benefitted from the support of a talented team and of a positive business environment. We will continue to take advantage of the proximity of the plant in Ploiesti, relying on existing infrastructure and talents. Our confidence in the capacities of Romanian employees made this project possible,” stated Bogdan Stanciu, director of the new plant inaugurated on June 13 in Prahova. In this context, Andreas Roellgen – Timken Vice President for Europe, Asia and Africa, underscored that Timken bearings are used in countless industrial sectors, having multiple applications wherever wheels and transmission systems are involved. Thus, he pointed out that the bearings that will be manufactured in the new plant are essential mechanical components that are found, for instance, in industrial gearing and vehicles, in equipment used in constructions and agriculture, in trucks and cranes, etc. Concretely, the plant will directly service the manufacturers of original parts used in a wide range of industrial segments, but also final users, through the company’s global network of industrial distributors.

Timken Company has 73 manufacturing units and service centres all over the world, eight of which are located in Europe, namely in Italy, France, Poland, Romania and United Kingdom. Timken Company designs, manufactures and commercialises bearings and power transmission components, including cogs, clutches, belts and chains, and offers a wide variety of industrial services, including the repairing of bearings and of powertrains.

“We’re working for a wide range of industries. Basically, anything that moves has a Timken bearing too. We have four main values that the employees apply: ethics and quality, work and excellence. That is precisely why our vision is to be global leaders. Recognised for its quality products and collaborative sales model, Timken Company reported 2.7 billion dollars in sales in 2016. With over 14,000 employees in 28 countries, Timken keeps industry on the move,” the Timken Vice President for Europe, Asia and Africa stated.

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