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January 18, 2022

Grindeanu: Dragnea should assume crisis; if he resigns, I will too. PM posts on Facebook #dragneademisia

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu asked on Thursday evening Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader, Liviu Dragnea, to assume responsibility for political crisis, mentioning that, after the Social Democrat leader resigns, he too will resign.

“Until Monday I ask Liviu Dragnea to think and assume responsibility for this crisis. After Liviu Dragnea resigns, I will resign,” said Grindeanu, at the Victoria Palace.


“ As much as Dragnea would be rid of me for being uncomfortable, I was, am and will be PSD member”


Grindeanu said that he was excluded from the Social Democrat Party (PSD) as result of the pressure put by Social Democrat leader, Liviu Dragnea.

“It is a sad day for me. Today, due to the pressure put by Liviu Dragnea, I was excluded from the PSD. As much as Liviu Dragnea would try to get rid of me because I am uncomfortable, I was, am, and will be a PSD member,” said Grindeanu.

He accused Dragnea that he is trying to “seize an entire party.”


PM on Dragnea statements: It wasn’t me who played tennis, drank wine with intelligence services representatives


Sorin Grindeanu dubbed as “disinformation and lies” Liviu Dragnea’s statements by which he implied the former’s association with the secret services and according to which he is being guided by someone else, asking the Social Democrat Party (PSD) chairman to think well before he says such things, because it was not him “who played tennis and drank wine with representatives of the intelligence services”.

“I will answer two disinformation points that, again, I saw today said by Mr. Liviu Dragnea, because I see that he is desperately trying to associate me with the intelligence services, with the Romanian President, that there’s someone behind the scenes directing. We are in a sort of conspiracy that is probably existent only in the mind of the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea. It was not me who played tennis and drank wine with representatives of the intelligence services, so Mr. Liviu Dragnea should think twice before saying these things. Because, if he continues, I will have even stronger reactions on this topic. Beyond the fact that this entire idea is most obviously a lie,” said Sorin Grindeanu, on Thursday, at the Victoria Palace.


Grindeanu  on relation with Dragnea growing cold : When hearing about attempts to blow up Gov’t


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said that his relationship with national leader of the Social Democratic Party Liviu Dragnea changed when he started hearing “from sources” that the party tries to “blow up the activity of the Government,” and used the National Local Development Programme 2 (PNDL 2) as an example.

“Since I first heard, from sources, that, although I was told that everything is alright, (…) behind my back, everything possible would be done to blow up the Gov’t’s activity. Do you want an example? For a month or so, orders for the PNDL 2 were supposed to be launched, they were supposed to be given to the counties. I don’t want to think that they had been halted in the counties awaiting this convention of the CEx [National Executive Committee of the PSD], I really don’t; but these orders could have been given, as I was telling you, along transparent lines a month or so before. Unfortunately, they were not given,” Sorin Grindeanu said on Thursday responding to when the relationship between him and Liviu Dragnea changed.

When asked who should be signing the orders for the PNDL 2, the prime-minister mentioned the name of Minister of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds Sevil Shhaideh.


“Ministers would be hard pressed working as my words would be overruled by party orders”


Grindeanu called a lie a statement by national leader of the Social Democratic Party  Liviu Dragnea that there was a communication issue between the prime minister and the ministers, arguing that a blockage would occur when his words to the ministers would be overruled by orders from the party.

“A second lie to which I want to respond is Dragnea’s statement that all ministers had a problem as they could not communicate with me, and therefore the big problem of the government. I want to ask you to try walking in those ministers’ shoes, and they surely are ministers nominated and appointed by Mr Liviu Dragnea. That is why a responsible Mr Liviu Dragnea should resign if things did not work as they were supposed to. How could the ministers operate since I was telling them one thing and they party would give them different orders?” Grindeanu told a news conference on Thursday at the Government House.

He gave an example by pointing to household taxation.

“As a public example: when some started communicating about household taxation, you may remember that I said at a government meeting that they should stop such communication because the only one entitled to communicate that was the finance minister when an analysis based on which to make a decision to apply the measure was over. What happened? Who was on television in the evening pointing to a chart board? I guess you know who. And there were drawings and the stuff you all know. What were the other ministers supposed to believe? And I mean that very same evening. I believe we are at a difficult point in time when one man, Liviu Dragnea, is trying to get us back in time to before 1989. Each of us, whether or not politically engaged, should question whether or not we want that. I guess not, I am positively sure that we are not,” added Grindeanu.


PM on new government: I will have meetings with PSD MPs, I met many people


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated on  Thursday evening that  in the coming days, meetings with Social Democrat Party (PSD) MPs in view of forming a new government, after meeting “many people” in the past days.

“I publicly announce that in the coming period I will have meetings with PSD MPs, starting from this evening, that have asked me to meet with them. There is, within the party, beyond that mass of deciders in the CEx [Executive Committee], a great concern, because there are very big pressures made on them to vote for the fall of their own government. And I have the same message for my colleagues in the CEx, I know there are many honest and good faith people in the National Executive Committee, I have been friends for many years with some of them and I appreciate them for the work they submit to the party. (…) I met many people today, I will meet this evening, I will meet in the coming days. I appealed the ministers to continue their work. According to the law, they have to do this. Each decision that I will make I will relay as transparently as possible, openly and nothing, absolutely nothing will be done by politicking, or by backdoor dealing,” said Sorin Grindeanu at the Victoria Palace, being asked in a press conference if he had discussions throughout Thursday with several people, including PSD members, for the formation of a new government.

Regarding the possibility that he met “technocrats from the former Ponta Government” among the people he saw today, Grindeanu said that he is from the PSD and he will remain as such.

“I am from the PSD, I am not a technocrat and I will remain as such, regardless of how many exclusions come now or in the future from Mr. Liviu Dragnea, a former PDL [Democrat Liberal Party] member who, unfortunately, ended up running the most important party in Romania at this moment. I do not want to get to that situation. I want to see things from a procedure, a constitutional point of view and I said that I do not want to end up in situations that would lead to continued instability. This deadline, until Monday, will clear it up for me, as well as the discussions that I will have starting this evening, and I told you this earlier, but I hope for something else. The option that I desire now is that Liviu Dragnea assume this failure and resign. The next moment I will do the same. I believe this is the correct resolution. And to convoke the PSD congress,” the Prime Minister stated.


PM posts on Facebook #dragneademisia


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has once again demanded the resignation of national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea, posting on Facebook #dragneademisia (Dragnea resign), a message that was shared by many Facebook users, including former PSD national leader Victor Ponta.


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