President Iohannis: Difficult situation on our hands. Visiting Luxembourg PM says return to political stability essential

President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday, at the beginning of his meeting with Luxembourg Premier Xavier Bettel, that Romania is facing a difficult situation, with Bettel underscoring in the given context that it is paramount for Romania to reach political stability as soon as possible.

“Welcome to Romania, to the Cotroceni Palace. It is a great pleasure to receive you today after our previous meeting at the European Council; I think the decision to pay an official visit to Romania is a good sign for our bilateral cooperation, and hopefully for European cooperation too. Welcome, although we currently have a difficult situation on our hands, you must know that you are very welcome,” said the head of the state.


Iohannis: I wait for crisis resolution


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Friday that he is waiting for the crisis in Romania to be solved.

“Insofar as the institutional communication I currently have is concerned, I am awaiting for the crisis to be solved,” the head of state said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, before welcoming Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel.

The Luxembourg PM said that stability is important for Romania’s neighbors, the European family and investors as well.

As you said, my visit occurs in a difficult situation, but I hope that your country finds stability, which is highly important to your neighbors, the European family and – as Prime Minister [Grindeanu] remarked – to investors too. This is why it’s paramount that your country finds political stability very soon, Bettel said.

He added that bilateral meetings will strengthen the relations of the two countries.

As I said, it’s a pleasure for me to come, because many a time when you are in a family, you discuss everything and you know everything. I believe that bilateral meetings, the opportunity to visit Romania, will deepen our existing ties, said Bettel.

Luxembourg’s head of government already met with Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

On Saturday, President Iohannis and PM Bettel will attend in Sibiu the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of Luxembourg and Sibiu being named European Capitals of Culture. While in Sibiu, Iohannis and Bettel will attend the decoration of Director General of the local “Radu Stanca” Theatre House Constantin Chiriac and of Director General of the Municipal Theatre of Esch-sur-Alzette of Luxembourg Charles Muller, both hosted by the Sibiu City Hall. The two officials will also watch “Sefele” (The Female Bosses), a stage show by the Municipal Theatre of Esch-sur-Alzette of Luxembourg in collaboration with the “Radu Stanca” Theatre House of Sibiu.


Luxembourg PM: Wishing Romania speedy medium-, long-term solution to political crisis


Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, currently on a visit to Romania, wishes the country to quickly find a sustainable solution on the medium and long term to the current political crisis, in order to rekindle the trust of foreign investors and European partners.

My visit occurs at a time when that what whoever would want to invest in your country is looking for is missing, and this is a certain stability. I must be very open with you: it’s hard to convince an investor from my country to come tomorrow in Bucharest to invest, if questions loom as to how Romania politics will continue, who will be in office, what Romania will do. Therefore I wish you from all my heart, I wish Romania to find a sustainable and stable solution allowing the rekindling of this confidence any investor who wants to come and settle in Romania needs. You told me that today we are the ninth most important investor, I know the ties can get tighter, Xavier Bettel told a joint press conference held at the Victoria Palace of Government after official talks with Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

Asked how Romania’s political crisis is seen from outside, the Luxembourg PM replied: I think political crises exist in all countries, it is important that you speedily find stability and have institutions working with partners we can rely on at European level.

What we wish you is to find a solution as soon as possible, not in the short term, but in the medium or long term, for investment and trust that must exist between partner states and between investors to be found again. So, I wish you to find as soon as possible a solution allowing for development, not in the short term, but in the medium and long term, said Bettel.

The Luxembourg Prime Minister underscored that there is room to tighten economic ties with Romania.

He specified that areas where cooperation could be intensified are IT, research, culture, university education.

Once again, all this will be possible when I’ll be sure I have a partner about whom I know he is a long enough lived partner. (…) Yes, Luxembourg is a friendly country to Romania and we support you in all your efforts. You are a country we jointly cooperate with at European level and with whom we perform various exchanges, he underlined.

Luxembourg’s PM congratulated Romania on its efforts to join the Schengen Area.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg recognizes the efforts you have made. These are important things, and if we want to have free movement inside the Schengen Area, we must have functional external borders. If the external borders do not work, it’s a known fact that things won’t work either. This is why we will plead in Romania’s favor, for all the progress and efforts you have made to be recognised, the foreign official said.

Bettel pointed out there is willingness across Europe to work under enhanced cooperation.

Some are under the impression that this expression of enhanced cooperation means that there are some and there are the others in the European Union. This is wrong. The aim is to work today in a 28-team and tomorrow in a 27-format, but we must be able to advance on certain subjects, as we do with the euro, the Schengen Area or with the European Prosecutor’s Office, that we are able to work in an enhanced manner, the Premier of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg underlined.


President Iohannis calls for attracting Luxembourg investment in Romania


President Klaus Iohannis welcomed Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel, on Friday, at Cotroceni Presidential Palace, context in which he called for drawing in Luxembourg investments in Romania, informs the Presidential Administration in a press release sent to AGERPRES.

According to the quoted source, President Iohannis and Luxembourg Prime Minister expressed their full support for strengthening the privileged relations between the two countries both bilaterally and at European level.

The head of state underscored the importance of PM Xavier Bettel’s visit to Romania during the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of both Romania’s accession to the European Union and of Luxembourg and Sibiu being named European Capitals of Culture.

In the given context, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel highlighted the topical significance of this anniversary and recalled the fact Romania’s Treaty of Accession to the EU was signed in 2005, when Luxembourg was at the presidency of the EU Council.

“The Romanian President has stressed the need for closer cooperation in the economic field. In this respect, he encouraged the attraction of Luxembourg investments to Romania, an area of excellence being that of the information and communications technology, namely the field of cyber security,” reads the press release.

Prime Minister Bettel reconfirmed the interest in stimulating Luxembourg investments in the Romanian economy.

The Presidential Administration shows that the Luxembourg official has highlighted the need for stability, not only important for Romania’s economy and the attraction of foreign investors, including Luxembourg, but also for the region as a whole, and the continuation of the fight against corruption, hailing in that respect the efforts of President Klaus Iohannis.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg has also emphasized the importance of exchanges at the level of universities, meant to foster better mutual knowledge, especially among the two countries’ youth.

As far as the European agenda is concerned, Bettel has stressed the importance of the Digital Agenda, which must move forward in the upcoming period. He welcomed the position expressed by President Iohannis in the European Council on the future of Europe, namely, in keeping the European project united.

President Klaus Iohannis recalled Romania’s objective of joining the Schengen area, given the country’s considerable expertise and contribution to ensuring the security of the EU’s external borders. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel acknowledged Romania’s contribution in this area and secured the support of the Grand Duchy to achieving this goal.

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