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April 11, 2021

Reactions to the political crisis

Liberal leader Turcan on party’s vote on no-confidence motion: Still a long way to go


Acting Chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Raluca Turcan (photo) said on Thursday, when asked how the Liberals would vote in the event of a no-confidence motion, that “there is still a long way to go” and that such a move by the Social Democrats will be “a spectacular moment”.

“It will be a spectacular moment to see the Social Democratic Party – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) move a no-confidence motion, to see what they have to reproach each other. We’ll see whether all that PNL has said about the Grindeanu government now gets the support of Liviu Dragnea and those behind him. We see that Sorin Grindeanu confirms what we said about Liviu Dragnea, and what we said about Sorin Grindeanu and his government – specifically underperformance, lacking responsibility – being reinforced by Liviu Dragnea, this provides confirmation that we have told the truth,” said Raluca Turcan.

Asked how the Liberals would vote in the event of a no-confidence motion, Turcan replied: “There still is a long way to go. Let us not forget that Mr. Dragnea further uses all levers at hand to put pressure and even blackmail Mr. Grindeanu. We’ve said this before: threats with blank resignations are clan-like maneuvers to get hold of power in our country. We’ll see how Sorin Grindeanu reacts and how he responds. So far we witness them publicly executing each other.”

Asked whether PNL would be interested in joining governing, Raluca Turcan said that the Liberals are waiting first for the constitutional settlement of this war that wedges PSD and which has also ALDE participating in.

“We want to see them in their full splendor, moving a no-confidence motion against their own government, which they appointed as they wished and which lacked absolutely nothing to rule in the citizen’s service. If signals emerge that the current ruling coalition is weakened, endangered, we can discuss inside the PNL, but at this time this is not our concern, we want economic and political stability for Romania, the defusing of political tensions and governing in the public interest,” Raluca Turcan explained.


USR: Snap elections, only decent solution


In a press release, the Save Romania Union (USR) chaffs Darius Valcov’s assessment of the Grindeanu Government, stating that “the insufficient development of relations with Russia” prompted the Social Democrats to demand the Premier’s resignation, however the latter responded by saying “nyet”, pointing out that snap elections are the only decent solution at this moment.

“The Save Romania Union party notes, with concern, that the leaders of the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition are catapulting Romania into a political crisis to satisfy their purely personal interests of a criminal nature. Snap elections represent the only decent solution in this situation. We note that, at least apparently, the insufficient development of relations with Russia has prompted the PSD’s Executive Committee to tell Grindeanu ‘конец’ (konets), but he responded by saying ‘нет’ (nyet),” the Save Romania Union points out in a communique.

Using the same tone, USR added that “the fact that the assessment of the activity of a Government that attracted the #atnightlikethieves label is carried out by Darius Valcov, a specialist when it comes to night-time meetings with criminal undercurrents and to collecting paintings of illicit origin, has to do with political consistency.”

“We harbour no illusion regarding the joint body from which both Mr Dragnea (who received a final criminal sentence and is being criminally investigated) and Mr Grindeanu (signatory of OUG no.13/2017) come.  They are the exponents of the same irresponsible political class, capable, as we are seeing these days, of pushing the country into a political crisis at governmental level for non-transparent partisan interests and purely personal interests of a criminal nature. The real stakes of the recent events are not the measures for the hiking of welfare or the smokescreen of the governing platform, but the unsuccessful attempts to undermine the anticorruption overtures that have driven out of their senses the two presidents – with legal problems – of PSD and ALDE. Liviu Dragnea is punishing the Grindeanu Government for the failure of the plan to undermine the judiciary,” the communique reads.

“USR stands by the side of the millions of honest taxpaying citizens who want schools, hospitals and expressways, not petty politics, backstage games and manipulations. USR is asking for responsible governance, devoid of populism, transparent, predictable and strictly oriented toward European and transatlantic values. In the current context in which citizens are in fact being asked to choose between the offer of incompetence and the offer of thieving provided by a coalition that has proven, in just six months’ time, its explicit inability to govern, snap elections become the decent and necessary solution for Romania,” the USR concludes.


Ciolos: PSD-ALDE coalition cannibalising own Gov’t, risking country’s stability at parliamentary elections


Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos accuses the ruling coalition of “cannibalising its own government”, risking the stability of the country for “personal, petty and immoral” calculations.

“The PSD-ALDE [Social Democratic Party – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats] coalition is cannibalising its own government, consumed by the eternal passion of the struggle for power. Unfortunately, an irresponsible, sad and painful spectacle for Romania. A year ago, we were being put up against the wall, criticized by PSD and ALDE that we did not have a well-thought governing programme, that we had to change a few ministers, that we didn’t have the legitimacy of elections. We kept silence and we carried out our job, with responsibility, for the country and for Romanians,” wrote Ciolos on Facebook.

He added that Liviu Dragnea “promised peace and prosperity” at the parliamentary elections.

“He deceived people with a ‘brilliant’ but deeply unrealistic governing programme. He got a large majority in Parliament. He set up a government that he had all the time to prepare. Whatever is happening now is not a simple political crisis. It is not a crisis of PSD but a crisis that affects Romania’s credibility. The leaders of the ruling coalition are risking the stability of the country for personal, petty and immoral calculations. Neither the governing programme, nor the number of votes take the place of responsibility and morality,” said Ciolos.

The former Prime Minister is also talking about “the crisis of a bankrupt way of doing politics in Romania: politics based on lies, collusion and power struggle at any price.”

“Why would we be surprised that people do not vote, when some political leaders are cynically mocking these votes? This way of doing politics in Romania must be changed from its foundations,” pointed out Ciolos.


Basescu: Former PDL can be proud, it gave PSD two people – Darius Valcov and Liviu Dragnea – who know how to destroy a party from within


Ex-President Traian Basescu commented on Facebook the Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) crisis, stating that the “small political drama” has two authors – “defendant Darius Valcov and the convicted Liviu Dragnea,” and the former Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) can be proud “it gave PSD two people who know how to destroy a party from within.”

“The former PDL can be proud! PSD’s small political drama has 2 authors. The first one, defendant Darius Valcov (former PDL member), who analysed the ministers’ activity and presented within the ExCom the report on the Government’s inefficiency. The second one, the convicted Liviu Dragnea (former PDL member), who executed the Government headed by Premier Grindeanu,” ex-President Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

He also said that the former PDL can be proud – “it gave PSD two people who know how to destroy a party from within.”

The ex-President added that Darius Valcov and Liviu Dragnea are “two politicians who harbour vain illusions that, by being obedient to the establishment, they will get rid of the legal problems they have.”

Darius Valcov, former PDL member, authored the report assessing the activity of the Grindeanu Government, report presented on Wednesday at the meeting of PSD’s Executive Committee, which decided to withdraw its political endorsement for Premier Sorin Grindeanu. Valcov is indicted in two corruption dossiers and criminally prosecuted in a third, being still on conditional bail.


Basescu: Grindeanu forced by Constitution to form Gov’t; he must appoint new ministers, from PSD-ALDE, by tomorrow morning


Ex-President Traian Basescu stated that Premier Sorin Grindeanu is forced by the Constitution to form a Government and that he would have to appoint new Government members by tomorrow morning, and they must have PSD or ALDE party membership cards in order not to change the Government’s political configuration.

“Grindeanu is forced by the Constitution to form his Government. Dragnea mistook the Romanian Government for a PSD Government. He is yet to understand that a Government confirmed by Parliament is a Government that serves the country, not PSD,” Traian Basescu wrote on his Facebook page.

The ex-President also pointed out what Grindeanu should do, in his view, starting off from the premise that Valcov and Dragnea did not scare him into filing his resignation.

“1. Takes stock of the list of PSD and ALDE ministers who have resigned. 2. Looks for and nominates ministers who are PSD and ALDE card holders (to observe the political structure of the Government confirmed in Parliament). 3. Forwards to President Iohannis the list of outgoing ministers and the list of nominated ministers,” Basescu wrote.

At the same time, he claimed this should be done by tomorrow morning because the President will leave the country in the following days and will be away for around a week. “If not, then he’d better resign, because otherwise he would transform PSD’s crisis of interests into Romania’s political crisis,” the PMP leader added.

“If Dragnea imagines that a no-confidence motion against the Grindeanu Government would pass through Parliament, he’s terribly wrong. If Grindeanu doesn’t form a Government and resigns, it’s Iohannis’s move. If I were him, I’d unhesitatingly send the PSD in the Opposition,” Traian Basescu wrote.


MEP Pascu: Actors in current political crisis should be aware Trump wants to be up-to-date


All those involved in the current political crisis in Bucharest must be aware that U.S. President Donald Trump will want to be kept up to date on the development of the situation, stated, on Thursday, Social Democratic Party (PSD) MEP Mircea Pascu .

“In the light of the indisputable success of the presidential visit to the U.S., I believe that all those involved in the current crisis need to be aware that President Trump will want to be personally kept up to date with the development of the situation and the actions of all ‘actors’ – both official and unofficial… This is what I think … “, Pascu said in a Facebook post.


EUR reaches RON 4.59, highest level since August 2012


The National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced on Thursday a reference exchange rate of RON 4.5872/EUR, up by 0.45 percent – the highest level since 3 August 2012 – against the backdrop of political tensions.

On Wednesday, BNR posted an exchange rate of RON 4.5667/EUR. On 3 August 2012, BNR posted an exchange rate of RON 4.6481/EUR.

The RON depreciated steeply on Thursday, in contrast to the trend of other regional currencies, after tensions appeared on Wednesday between Premier Sorin Grindeanu and PSD leader Liviu Dragnea.

On Thursday, the EUR briefly reached the value of RON 4.5889 on the interbank market, the highest value since August 2012.

The economy is usually affected by political tensions but it all depends on their duration, Fiscal Council President Ionut Dumitru explained on Thursday.

“Political tensions in general are not good for the economy. It all depends on how long the current situation lasts and whether the Government’s activity will be affected,” Dumitru told News.ro.

The USD, indirectly rated on the Romanian market in rapport to the EUR/USD exchange rate, appreciated from RON 4.0752 to RON 4.1082, the highest level since May 18th.

At the same time, the CHF went from RON 4.2029 to RON 4.2164, the highest level since April 21st.


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