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June 22, 2021

Saxony’s Tillich: Had Romania’s PM resigned yesterday, Romania would have lost face internationally

Visiting Prime Minister of the German land of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich told a news conference in the central Romanian city of Sibiu that Romania would have lost face internationally, had its Prime Minister Grindeanu stepped down from office.

“Had Romania’s President stepped down yesterday, then Romania would have lost face internationally. You have a constitution and laws that spell out how to elect and dismiss the prime minister, and none of them says a party leader can do either of them. The prime minister obeyed by the law in this case, and what is important to Romania’s image is that that law governs the country,”said Tillich.

Responding to whether or not the current political turmoil in Romania affects the interests of German investors in Romania, he said, “I believe so.”

One day previously, Tillich congratulated his Romanian counterpart Sorin Grindeanu on the latter’s decision not to resign office.

“Congratulations on your last evening’s decision [not to step down as Romania’s prime minister],” Tillich told Grindeanu at the beginning of an official meeting at the Romanian Government House in Bucharest according to a video posted on Thursday on the web site of the Romanian Government.

Tillich on Friday toured the city of Sibiu.

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