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January 30, 2023

Iohannis, Bettel celebrate partnership between Sibiu and Luxembourg

Romania’s President  wants bridges of culture, freedom and tolerance between Europeans


Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis voiced his hope on Saturday in Sibiu, that “borders of all sorts, which can lift walls between Europeans, will be replaced by bridges of culture, freedom and tolerance.”

Klaus Iohannis believes that the partnership between Sibiu and Luxembourg is a benchmark in Europe, cities that, although were European Capital of Culture 10 years ago, continue to collaborate and have successful common projects.

“The Partnership between Sibiu and Luxembourg remains a benchmark for everything that means European spirit. Our common experience from 2007 reveals that, beyond any political, social, economic and security commitment, Europe has been and will remain a space of democratic values, that are amplified by intercultural dialogue. I gladly remember the fact that in 2007, Sibiu’s motto was ‘City of Culture’, city of cultures, while the Luxembourg and the Grand Region’s motto was beyond borders. I wanted to evoke them because their meaning is still valid today, not just for the residents of our cities, but for increasingly more Europeans,” Iohannis stated in the speech delivered within a ceremony attended by Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel.

The former mayor of Sibiu in 2007, when the city in the center of Romania and Luxembourg were European Capitals of Culture, and currently the President of Romania says that the two cities through their mutual cultural programme are “successful examples of European Capitals of Culture.”

Klaus Iohannis wanted PM of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel to attend on Saturday the celebration of 10 years of European Capital of Culture and the 10th anniversary since Romania has been a member state of the European Union, which is a “reason of joy,” as the President said.

On the occasion, Klaus Iohannis and PM of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel decorated the theaters directors of the two cities, namely Sibiu and Luxembourg, thanking them for their contribution to the success of the European Capital of Culture programme.

Director General of “Radu Stanca” Theater in Sibiu Constantin Chiriac and Director General of the Municipal Theater in Esch-sur-Alzette Charles Muller, revealed how important the collaboration between the two cities is for the common cultural success.

“This ceremony has a unique character. We are in a ‘sui-generis’ ‘staging’: just a few meters from us is the International Theater Festival in Sibiu, the most suited framework for today’s ceremony, it carries out, widely, its positive energies. You, Mr Muller and Chiriac, Directors of theaters in Esch-sur-Alzette and Sibiu, you have build in ten years a solid bridge between the European Capitals of Culture of 2007. (…) Precisely thy beautiful artistic collaboration is celebrated through the distinctions you have received today. It exceeds the simple professional relation between two theaters. Through each joint performance and through the participation of Romanian and Luxembourgian directors, set designers and actors in the performances of the “Radu Stanca” National Theater and the Theater in Esch, you are the living example of how culture builds Europe,” Klaus Iohannis said.

Sibiu is linked to Luxembourg not only by a decade of collaboration in the culture area, but also by eight centuries of history, because 800 years ago those who left Luxembourg founded the medieval Hermannstadt, the German name of Sibiu city.

The delegation’s schedule included a round table with “Sibiu – European destination for investment, culture and tourism” theme. The two officials then watched the “Sefele” (“The Female Bosses”) at the “Radu Stanca” National Theater and afterwards they visited the Brukenthal Museum and also the historical center of Sibiu. At the same time, they  participated in the opening of the Honorary Consulate of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Sibiu.


Prime Minister of Luxembourg: Friendship and Europe, common project; Helmut Kohl enabled Europe’s unification


Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel said that friendship and Europe represent a common project, and one of “the actors” who enabled the unification of Europe was German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

“I want to thank you for giving me the occasion to have this intervention in an official framework. I think about a man that left us yesterday and who was part of those European who believe that we should live together. (…) Friendship and Europe are a common project, he was one of the actors who enabled this unification of Europe and the promotion of European values. (…) Yesterday, a great man has left us, a great man of Germany and a great man of peace. We can be together today because there were men who had the courage to build things and rely on exchanges and respect towards the other,” Prime Minister of Luxembourg stated on Saturday in Sibiu.


Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has Honorary Consulate in Sibiu


Daniel Plier was appointed Honorary Consul of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Sibiu, on Saturday. Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel, but also other Romanian and Luxembourgian officials attended the event.

Sibiu and Luxembourg celebrated on Saturday the 10th anniversary since being designated European Capitals of Culture in 2007. Former mayor of Sibiu and currently President of Romania Klaus Iohannis and PM Bettel stated that this cultural collaboration represents a success and a benchmark for Europe.

“We are trying to further strengthen this collaboration and add an economic dimension (…) It is important for this partnership to be re-launched. It is important for us that artists from Luxembourg come here,” said Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, on Saturday in Sibiu.


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