PM Grindeanu accuses Liviu Dragnea of wanting to seize the country, requests Congress to convene

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu accused Liviu Dragnea, on Saturday in Timisoara that he wants not only to seize the Social Democratic Party (PSD), but the country also, and he requested for a Congress of the party to be convened.

The PM underscored that the elections in 2016 were won by the hundreds of thousands of PSD members who have worked, and not by one person, Liviu Dragnea, “who wants to seize this party and more seriously than that, wants to seize the country. This thing is not possible.”

“I asked him the following thing: the moment he assumes [Liviu Dragnea – e.n.] the resignation for the situation in which he brought the PSD, I don’t hold onto the chair. The PSD must remain there. I will resign. The second thing: a Congress must be convened. The fear of people, makes Liviu Dragnea to stay in a restricted circle. Why not [the members of the PSD – e.n.] thousands of people who have worked, decide the fate of this party? No, he runs from people. This is not the Chairman of the PSD. The one who runs from the people is not a chairman, this is why I asked him to resign. The third thing: because the PSD won the elections, [Liviu Dragnea – e.n.] has to guarantee in front of the party, not in front of two-five people, but in front of the party, this adventure in which he threw us into, that it won’t lead to losing the governance. He couldn’t vouch for it. You didn’t hear him say this thing, let him take upon himself. This thing is not normal, it’s a mockery to our work, to everybody here, from Caras, from all the counties,” Sorin Grindeanu explained.

The head of the Gov’t also underlined that in 2016, when the first steps were taken for the local elections, when the candidates were announced, he told them that “we have to be on the good side of the history, and not be ashamed of what we do. The same thing I conveyed today and I am proud and touched to see so many (members of the PSD -e.n.) are beside me, thank you,” the PM stated .

He conveyed to the almost one thousand Social Democrats, who gathered at the PSD Timis headquarters, that he came “home” to see if in Timisoara, in Banat, there are still people who are not afraid, and added “look how many we are!.”

Florica Fisie, the one who wrote in 1996 the recommendation to Grindeanu in order to enter the PSD, stood beside him.



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