Airbus A320 plane simulator inaugurated in Cluj-Napoca

The first Airbus A320 aircraft simulator in Romania that can give pilots the possibility to train or to test various flight situations was inaugurated on Friday in Cluj-Napoca.

Marius Petriman, an Airbus A320 instructor and one of the initiators who designed this simulator in Cluj, explained that the software data base comprises 24,000 airports across the world, and the images it delivers during exercises are satellite-captured, providing the exact same perspective a pilot has in his/her cabin.

Pilots can test on this machine various emergency situations.

“We have inaugurated the first Airbus 320 simulator in Romania, involving a 1:1 scale cabin mockup. It does exactly what a real plane does; the perceptions are identical with the ones in a normal plane. The simulator’s purpose is to provide access to the plane’s controls to those who haven’t had the flight experience, but also to train pilots who can test various emergency situations such as an engine failure, a fire or a loss of pressure in the cabin,” explained Petriman.

The team managing the simulator is made up of both pilots, and psychologists and it costs 135 lei for half an hour.

“We have over 200 clients who want to try out the simulator, individuals but also line pilots who want to train for interviews. We carry out anti flight-fear courses, during which we explain how a plane works and flies. We resort to a psycho-therapist for treating flight phobias through simulated situations,” affirmed Petriman.

In his turn, Valentin Mihailescu, a pilot for more than 15 years, explained that before this simulator, the tests for various emergency situations that had to be carried out periodically could only be performed abroad.

“The situations that might occur during the flight are extremely rare, but when they do happen, one needs to be prepared. That is why we, the pilots, go and practice twice a year in a simulator,” said Mihailescu.

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