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January 23, 2022

Ludovic Orban: PNL is ready at any moment to govern

The National Liberal Party is prepared to govern at any given time and will uphold any demarche for a PSD-free (the Social Democratic Party) governing by forming a new majority or by organising snap elections, stated on Monday evening PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban.

“PNL is ready to govern after these elections at any moment. We are obviously not jumping at any type of governing, where we would be forced to compromise, to be obliged to partner with allies that diminish our capacity to achieve a governing and development programme for Romania. We will uphold any possible demarche that will lead the country to a completely PSD-free governing, whether a new parliamentary majority is reached or it gets to snap elections,” said Orban at private TV broadcaster Realitatea TV.

He underscored that PNL does not admit any “negotiations with PSD.”

Asked whether snap elections are the solution for the moment, Orban admitted that it is difficult to organise snap elections in Romania, but this scenario is also possible.

In his opinion, it is unclear what is going on at Parliament’s level and the extent to which a new parliamentary majority can be configured. He further said that PNL is carrying out all the demarches “in order to attempt a possible configuration of a new parliamentary majority that would not include these noxious people for Romania.”

Ludovic Orban pointed out “that many important and beneficial things for the country are underway”, but they are not possible without a legitimate government and without political stability.

The PNL Chairman added that he “constantly and institutionally” communicates with President Klaus Iohannis, and that “there is a strong bond” between PNL and Romania’s President.

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