Ponta: President Iohannis, UDMR big winners of censure motion, if passed

Should the no confidence motion passes, the “big winners” will be president Klaus Iohannis and the UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania), on Monday night said the incumbent secretary general of the Gov’t, former Premier, and now Member of the Parliament Victor Ponta.

“Should the no confidence motion passes, under any circumstances, I’ve always said the only winner will be president Iohannis, the one who did nothing, asked not for the government’s resignation, but practically finds on the table the decision to nominate another Gov’t. After today’s talks, and we’ll see if tomorrow they come true, besides president Iohannis, will be another big winner, the UDMR, which has some requests, if I’m not mistaken the one referring to Law no. 215 on the cut of the threshold (to getting to Parliament – ed. n.), with the bilingual street signs, all the others, the cultural autonomy, it lays in the Parliament ever since 2001, so about 16 years now, the one with the 15 March Day I believe it’s kind of recent. (…) From where they stand, it is normal to demand them, if I were in the UDMR I would request them all the time, but I understand that tomorrow (Tuesday – ed. n.) the PSD-ALDE majority will vote on fast forward. I learned that tomorrow morning (Tuesday – ed. n.) there will be committees’ sittings and they are to be voted in a plenary reunion in the afternoon. So, if these things happen, the necessary votes might be accomplished, with the UDMR, and president Iohannis will be winner alongside UDMR,” Victor Ponta told the private broadcaster Romania TV.

In his opinion, no matter the outcome of the censure motion, “certainly Mr. Dragnea (PSD leader – ed. n.) will lose, and the PSD will lose and the governing will also lose.”

“When one has the Gov’t and with no crisis as unfortunately the Colectiv Club tragedy has been or the censure motions that were passed, in case of Mr. Boc and Mr. Ungureanu (former premiers – ed.n.), with no reason at all, no economic, social crisis, in the country, one gives up own Gov’t and gives president Iohannis the opportunity to appoint another Prime Minister, we’ll see whom he is going to designate, whether the one will be from the PSD or from another side, that it is a defeat,” Ponta asserted.


“ PSD leaders more afraid of Dragnea than of National Anti-corruption Directorate”


Gov’t Secretary General Victor Ponta stated that people currently leading the Social Democratic Party (PSD – major at rule) are more afraid of Liviu Dragnea (the party Chairman) than they are of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).

“I have never witnessed in PSD, and you know they used to say ‘Nastase is a dictator’, ‘Iliescu – nobody dares to move’, I have never seen such fear in PSD. (…) I believe that now, the leaders of PSD are more afraid of Liviu Dragnea than they are of DNA, (…) that he will take their positions away from them, I can’t find an explanation yet (…) It is a situation I haven’t come across yet, as I haven’t been around during those times. From what my parents have told me, things weren’t like this, not even in the 1970-’80s, probably in the 1950s there was terror,” stated Ponta on Romanian public television TVR1.

Ponta specified that he is not afraid. “I am not afraid. To prove it, I was yesterday at the parliamentary group. There were 100 colleagues, they listened to me quietly, in a civilised manner, just the way I told them my point of view, without any conflict,” said Ponta.

Asked whether Sorin Grindeanu’s refusal to obey PSD will have an impact on history, Ponta replied that the impact will be “huge”. “I am convinced of that, otherwise I wouldn’t have joined this project (…), I am positive that what Mr. Grindeanu is doing will have an extraordinary effect and that some time in the future PSD will either regenerate, will understand that it has stepped back in time lately, or, if not, it will have the same fate as, I don’t know, PASOK in Greece or the French Socialist Party, that won more than 50 percent five years ago and now only 9 percent,” he further said.

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