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June 25, 2022

The Alexandrion Foundation is preparing the 4th edition of the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards Gala

The Alexandrion Foundation has announced the details on organizing the 4th edition of the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards Gala on September 26, 2017, at the Romanian Athenaeum.

The Constantin Brancoveanu Awards Gala follows the same rigorous and transparent selection procedure as in previous years’ editions, on a similar jury structure. The president of this year’s jury is Academician Dan Berindei, who will coordinate a prestigious jury, including the writer Dumitru Radu Popescu. The entire composition of the jury will be completed by September, when the nominations will be reviewed by category.

“We are very glad to announce the organization of the fourth edition of the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala in 2017. The fact that we have reached the fourth edition proves that it is an appreciated approach and Alexandrion Group has the force and desire to honor the Romanian culture values. Culture is what keeps us united in difficult times, it is the mark of a powerful nation. We will continue to promote and support cultural values, both for those who have proven excellence through a rich career, but also for those who are beginners in science and art. For the youngest, the Alexandrion Foundation organizes the Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala, in honor and memory of a whole family that has marked history and culture in our country” said Nawaf Salameh, CEO and founder of Alexandrion Group and President of the Alexandrion Foundation.

According to the Operation Regulation of the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards Gala, which you will soon be able to see, a special distinction, a work of the famous sculptor Ion Bolborea, as well as an award for supporting a subsequent work of the laureate, will be given. This year, unlike previous editions, seven awards for the arts will be awarded, as well as an award for science and one for the economy. The Alexandrion Foundation reserves the right to award, independently of the jury election, a Special Award of the Alexandrion Foundation and two honorary diplomas.

This year, the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards Gala is growing in size – there will be nine awards offered (seven awards have been offered in the previous editions), the guests from abroad are more numerous and the artistic program is richer, on the scene of the most important temple of the Romanian culture, the Romanian Athenaeum. Thus, on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, at 19:00, five of the most famous sopranos in Eastern Europe will be on stage, within a unique artistic concept. The musical segment of the show will be coordinated by the pianist Alexandru Petrovici, along with his accompanying orchestra. For the first time, the show will benefit from the direction of the well-known opera director, Anda Tabacaru Hogea, who will “conduct” the entire show of the awards and the recital that will delight the 800 guests of the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards Gala.

After the public will be able to nominate the candidates for 2017, the proposals received publicly and transparently in two debates, organized in Iasi and Cluj, will be analyzed at the beginning of September.

The more and more powerful international dimension that the Alexandrion Foundation Gala is gaining each year is demonstrated by an honorable presence of more than 100 guests from the US and by the plans to extend the ceremony in Europe and America. Thus, the Foundation intends to organize similar events in honor of the values of the Romanian culture abroad, and for the foreign scientists and artists, friends of Romania, editions in London, New York and Berlin until 2018.

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