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May 18, 2021

President Iohannis: Romania needs stable Gov’t, upright Premier

Romania needs a stable government, and the Romanian Prime Minister must only be an upright person, on Tuesday night said the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, currently on a visit to Germany.

“Assuredly, I have not changed my political opinions and I continue to believe that in Romania, designated by myself could only be a righteous person. I have no intention whatsoever to leave aside the criteria which if you recall I’m keeping on stating ever since last fall. Romania needs a stable government, needs an upright Prime Minister,” the head of the state asserted at an event dedicated to the anniversary of the Romania – Germany diplomatic and bilateral relationship, that took place at the Romanian Embassy in Berlin.

When asked whether these days he has had talks with (Premier – ed. n.) Sorin Grindeanu or (main ruling Social Democratic Party, PSD leader – ed. n.) Liviu Dragnea, Klaus Iohannis said he does not interfere in the domestic quarrel of the PSD.

“I said it from the very beginning and I said it so clearly so that everybody understood, that I am not interfering in this matter, in this PSD internal dispute. And I haven’t, I will not,” the president added.

Should the no confidence motion lodged by PSD-ALDE (the ruling coalition, ALDE – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, ed. n.) will be passed by the Parliament on Wednesday, a draft agenda of the head of the state exists.

“This is something I’m going to announce tomorrow (Wednesday, ed. n.), when we’ll know the outcome of the vote. Yet I have a draft agenda and nobody has to fear, things will go on, whatever the variant, just well-ordered, so that Romania functions,” Iohannis specified.

As for the resignations of certain ministers on his table, the president said he will “see to this matter as soon as he returns to the country.”

When asked about a decision he would make regarding the Uniform Pay Law, Klaus Iohannis answered that he will voice an opinion next week, when the promulgation will reach term.

“No premises exist for a lasting political deadlock,” the president concluded.

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