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June 26, 2022

Dragnea, about his position within PSD after motion: I’m not bigger, smaller, handsomer or uglier

Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday, at the Palace of Parliament, when asked what is his position within the party following the vote on the no-confidence motion, that he is “not bigger, smaller, handsomer or uglier” but is only the leader of the biggest party in Romania, which went through many trials but emerged increasingly stronger.

“I’m not bigger, smaller, thinner, fatter, handsomer or uglier. I’m the same man, the president of a party, the largest party that has the highest support in Romania, which went and continues to go through many trials and emerges increasingly stronger,” Liviu Dragnea said when asked how he sees his position within the party following the no-confidence motion.

Asked whether a party conference is in the cards, the PSD President said “never.”

On my part, Grindeanu will not suffer repercussions, we won’t start a witch hunt. He should pay attention to those he allied with

The PSD leader warned ousted Premier Sorin Grindeanu on Wednesday, saying he should pay attention to the people he has surrounded himself with, and assured him that he will not suffer repercussions at his hands or at the hands of PSD members.

“On my part or on the part of my colleagues, Mr Grindeanu will not suffer repercussions. I’d like us to clarify these things. We’re not starting a witch hunt. He’s no longer a PSD member. In my opinion, he must pay attention to those he allied himself with, the ones he has surrounded himself with, to what they did there, in recent days. That’s where he should be careful, he has no problem in what concerns us,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Asked what will happen with the MPs who voted against the no-confidence motion, the PSD leader said the situation will be settled within the party branches they belong to, stating it will be “a very interesting discussion.”

“You want them to tell me again that I’m very authoritarian. Today we’re not talking about the witch hunt. Our stake after this no-confidence motion is not how to settle scores. I’ve decided with my colleagues – each branch will discuss each case in the following days,” the PSD leader explained.

Dragnea pointed out that if local party branches do not solve the problem concerning those who voted against the motion, the decision will be taken by the National Executive Committee.


“I apologise to all Romanians for the mistake I made when nominating Sorin Grindeanu for PM’s office”


On Wednesday, Liviu Dragnea apologised to all Romanians for the mistake of nominating Sorin Grindeanu for the Premier’s office, considering that he should have consulted his party colleagues more than he did. The PSD leader nevertheless pointed out he has no personal problem with Grindeanu and does not wish him ill.

Asked what guarantee he gives Romanians that such a situation will not be repeated, Liviu Dragnea apologised for the mistake of nominating Sorin Grindeanu.

“First of all, I want to apologise to all Romanians for the mistake I made, in the sense that we should have discussed more, within the party, about the options for the PM’s office,” the PSD President answered.

He added that he does not have a personal problem with Sorin Grindeanu and does not wish him ill.

“I repeat, I believed in this man; even now I have no kind of personal problem with him, I don’t wish him ill, I wish him to be very careful and to continue to take care. The talks that will take place in the following days, until we’ll reach a sole nomination with which to go to Cotroceni, will be the guarantees,” the PSD leader concluded.


“Several PSD MPs were threatened with dossiers if they vote for the motion, they were horrified”


The Social Democrat leader emphasised that several PSD MPs were threatened with dossiers, by other Social Democrats, in order to vote against the no-confidence motion, and said that one businessman – Costi Iacov – and “the new political leader” Augustin Jianu were pressuring the Government’s Secretary General and the party.

“Some of the colleagues were threatened with dossiers. I also have several text messages that were sent, I won’t show them for now; I’ll ask them [about it], others may have them too and may show them. They were threatened, unfortunately. They were threatened with dossiers, which is impermissible. Of course, in these conditions, all party members, all of our parliamentarians were horrified that some of their colleagues were threatening them with dossiers if they were to vote in favour of the no-confidence motion. It’s 2017, nevertheless. I don’t even know whether those doing the threatening were relying on something. The fact itself is very grave,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

The PSD leader added that people from the former Government and party members were pressured by some businessmen.

“From the first two days, both my colleagues and I know of people from the Government, former Government officials who were kicked out; they mentioned, among others, a man [called] Costi Iacov, who was making phone calls, barging in on the incumbent Government Secretary General, on the Deputy Secretary General – a hospitalised lady –, and who was also making phone calls within the party. Alongside the new political leader, Mr Jianu, who was also phoning his former professors to persuade them, this gentleman was making phone calls within the party too,” Dragnea added.

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