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October 29, 2020

PNL’s Orban: No-confidence motion’s outcome shows that PSD+ALDE have no absolute majority in Parliament anymore

The result of the no-confidence vote shows that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) ruling coalition has no absolute majority in the Parliament anymore, and this could allow the President to designate another candidate for Premier, the National Liberal Party (PNL)’s head, Ludovic Orban told the private B1TV on Wednesday night.

“241 (the number of the MPs who have said Yes to the motion, ed. n.) means that the PSD+ALDE have not absolute majority in the Parliament anymore. 241 votes were taken together with 12 votes from the minorities and 2 votes from other parties. 241 minus 14 makes 227, as against 232 which would have meant absolute majority in the current Parliament. This is an important observation because to hold absolute majority in the Parliament, by the coalition could, in a way, determine the President to designate the Premier from the coalition that holds absolute majority. If no party or coalition has absolute majority, obviously, the President could allow himself to designate another candidate for Premier,” Ludovic Orban said.

Referring to what is PNL going to do in this context, the Liberal national leader said he has called the party’s Executive Political Bureau to assess the situation, to identify the possibilities of positioning and designate a team capable to start talks with the parties that do not back the PSD in the Parliament and with other political actors, “to see at what extent another parliamentary majority could be shaped.”

Orban reiterated that the PNL does not refuse governing, but it could not do it in any circumstances and that, from the Liberals point of view, the best solution is to launch snap elections.

“Any party wishes to govern, but as far as I am concerned, I’m telling you we could not accept any kind of governing, with anybody, compromising, never observing the ruling programme. Obviously, the best solution from where we stand, would be to reach a new consultation of the citizens, because in my opinion in the six months that have passed from the 11 December 2016 general elections, those who have grabbed the power proved to have used it to never fulfill their electoral promises, but to snatch personal advantages or adjust issues inside the gangs within the ruling party,” Ludovic Orban stressed.

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