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December 2, 2020

Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse, celebrated in an original way

This year, the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse will be originally celebrated in Prahova, a county where the scrupulousness of sewing of the blouse that is specific to the Romanian popular clothing is raised at the art level, as it happens in the city of Breaza. Specifically, at the end of this week, museums, tourism centers and other cultural institutions in the county will organize a number of events whose main theme will be the Romanian blouse.

Under the title “Live, feel, vibrate in the Romanian way! Wear your Romanian blouse proudly and join us in the Dragaica Hora!”, The Prahova County Museum of History and Archeology in Ploiesti will organize, on Friday, June 23, 2017, a number of events celebrating the universal Day of the Romanian Blouse! The event will start with a speech on the importance and beauty of the Romania Blouse, followed by a dance and music performance entitled “You are so beautiful, Romanian Blouse from Prahova”, reaching its 3rd edition. The show is organized in cooperation with the Children’s palace in Ploiesti, the folk band “Trandafirul prahovean” of the Popular Canto Circle, and the Ethnography and Folklore Circe “Rapsodia Prahovei”.

The management of the same Prahovan museum made a less common invitation to those who feel and live in the Romanian way: to come one day later, on June 24, when the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse is actually celebrated, on the porch of the “Wine Cellar 1777” from Valea Calugareasca. “You are invited on the Porch of the Museum ‘Wine Cellar 1777’ from Valea Calugareasca, a section of the Prahova County Museum of History and Archeology, at the Summer Solstice, on the Day of the Sun and on the Sanziene, to be loved and to enjoy the beauty and the healing power of the flowers, attending the Museum Evening ‘The Sun Garland, the Chicory of the Sky’ on Saturday, June 24, starting a 17.00.

The mysteries of the Hora Sanzienelor, The Legends of the Flower Lady and the meaning and the power of the solar symbols I the Romanian popular culture, will be revealed to you”, is the invitation of the above mentioned museum. In this context, it was mentioned that the Universal Day of the Romania Blouse will be celebrated in “gala clothing”, with wheat and field flower garlands, and the wine cellar museum will provide visitors who do not have their own Romanian blouse or popular shirt, with Romanian blouses and popular shirts from a private exceptional collection, only in order to make photos. We must say that the Valea Calugareasca Wine Cellar was not accidentally chosen as a space for celebrating the Romanian blouse. The photo of a Ploiesti citizen, in which a young man dressed in a traditional Romanian groom shirt is in the forefront, made on the porch of this wine cellar on June 24, 2015, participated in a competition organized by UNESCO and was included in the best 20 photos of a total of 10,000 images entered into the competition.

At the same time, on June 24, the Breaza Tourist Information and Promotion Center also makes visitors a special invitation to the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse, namely to the “Stories of the Romanian Folk Costume”. “We invite you to look in the dowry box, dress in authentic folk costumes and come to the Breaza Tourist Information and Promotion Center. We will look together to find out the stories of each costume and find the truths of a world that is quite away from our modern soul today. On this feast day, wear Romanian blouses sewed with red wire, representing solar symbols such as the famous Breaza ‘wheel’, which symbolizes both the warmth of the sun giving life and generating plenty, as well as the cycle of life. We are waiting for you to come in old folk costumes with mysteries and stories”, is the invitation of the mentioned center.

The invitation to Breaza in order to find out the story of the Romanian blouse is fully justified, given that this city is well-known both in the country and abroad for the t of sewing the Romanian blouses. The Romanian blouse from Breaza remarks itself by refinement, mastery and technical accuracy. The hemstitch, the stitches made by using ancient techniques have a true ornamental value, highlighting the virtuosity of those who have inherited the needle handling, through the tradition, skillfulness and ability. Always modern, elegant and practical, the Romanian blouse, with its special charm,  even today is an original piece of clothing on all the meridians of the world, being a source of inspiration for making various parts of the collection of handicrafts.

Least but not last, in a different picturesque place of the Prahova County, at the Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni, visitors can still admire the connection between the French painter Henri Matisse and our Romanian blouse. It’s the “JazzIn the Color” exhibition, where lithographs, animations, projections, and a fascinating collection of more than 80-year-old Romanian blouses, have brought tribute to artist Henri Matisse – who painted the painting “La Blouse Roumaine.” Opened on March 24 this year, the exhibition will close on June 25, 2017. As for the famous “La Blouse Roumaine”, this work was begun by Matisse in Paris and finished in Nice, the city where he had settled after a six-month work. The merging of the lines, the harmonious powerful colors, the oval of the model’s face and the bouffant sewed sleeves, created a painting that brought the wonderful Romanian blouse to the attention of the world. Later, famous designers introduced the national symbol of Romanian women in their collections, and in 2013 a Romanian online community – entitled “La Blouse Roumaine” right after this painting – gave birth to the movement by which the day of June 24, when it is the feast of Sanziene, became the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse.

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