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December 6, 2021

Resigning ForMin Melescanu believes Romania’s imagine damaged by political crisis

Resigning Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu believes that Romania’s image has been damaged by the recent domestic political crisis.

Melescanu, who attended on Friday in Cluj-Napoca a public diplomacy forum, answered media questions and stated that any political, economic or any other nature crisis affects the image of any country.

He underscored that, many times, what reaches the public is the image of a situation usually conveyed by the media and not the reality of that situation, which is known only to the persons involved.

“Unfortunately, today people don’t know the realities, the true perception of a country’s realities, but only the perception offered by images conveyed by the media. Nobody knows the reality, besides the ones who are directly involved in a crisis or problem. The rest, each of them, gets an image, a perception of these things. This is why, anything that happens has, in general, a negative impact over the country’s picture, including this political crisis,” said Melescanu.

When asked whether or not he received signals of this negative picture perceived abroad, Melescanu answered: “If the leu currency depreciated, the signal is very clear, nobody has to give us any political signals.”

Melescanu attended on Friday the 5th edition of the Public Diplomacy Forum, with the topic called ” Romania’s picture abroad. From problems to long-term solutions,” organised by the International Studies Center of the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences of the ‘Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, in partnership with the Centre for Democracy Studies and the Public Democracy Centre.

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