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August 3, 2021

Firea, after one year as the Bucharest Mayor: It’s not a record. A record is made at the end of the term

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea presented on Friday the balance sheet of her first year as a Mayor, noting that the ghost companies have been eradicated, that numerous sites have been unblocked, and announcing that six residential complexes will be built in all of the six districts of Bucharest, as well as a metropolitan hospital, nurseries and kindergartens and halls for organizing events.

“One year ago, on June 23, at the same time, I took the oath in front of the Bucharest people, I thanked them for voting me and I promised to them that, together, the Social Democrat team, the seven mayors, will have results for the Bucharest citizens. We met today, as we promised then, to point out the activity of this year. It’s not a record. A record is made at the end of the term. But since we’ve promised to publicly say what we have done every year, what are our failures, what we have in mind for the coming period, here we are, in front of you” Gabriela Firea begun her speech.

The mayor said that, in her opinion, the most important achievement of this year was to unblock ten sites in Bucharest. “The city became alive, some investment objectives were finalized where the works were stopped since two years, other objectives are to be finalized, and the pace is increasing where the work was very slow” she said.

“It is also an important achievement of this year that we had the courage to say ‘stop’ to the contracts that where damaging for Bucharest. Years after years, the same companies were winning all the tenders in Bucharest. This isn’t normal. The business environment is much more complexly developed than the few companies agreed both by the Bucharest City Hall and the district halls. We intended to say ‘stop’, and we succeeded, all the seven mayors assumed huge risks for ourselves and for our families, and I’m not exaggerating when I am saying this” Gabriela Firea stated.

The General Mayor added that she had also the courage to “eradicate” the parasite companies from RADET and RATB.

“The work is finally transparent, complying with the procedures, there is objectivity, there is a healthy business environment. It was hard. There were groups beyond the parties since years, business families, in there. You can’t fight all of them at the same time, but since we promised this to you, we assumed this risk and we succeeded” Firea stated.

Gabriela Firea spoke about another “great success”, namely the investment in a vital area – health: “The largest budget allocation, EUR 90 million, for the 19 hospitals of the municipality and for endowing school medical cabinets, as well as the dentistry. I am not a mayor coming from the medical environment, but I respect physicians, it’s a profession of faith, which cannot be exercised by anybody, and we have to support them not just by talking, but especially by doing things”.

She also spoke about the future projects.

“What do we intend to do further? We plan to do things to be better, and in terms of investment objectives, in the shortest possible time, we will build and we will start the proceeding s for six residential complexes in the six districts of Bucharest, for young people, for social cases and as service home. We will also start building a big metropolitan hospital which will be designed from scratch, with all the circuits at European standards. We will build and modernize nurseries and kindergartens. There’s a great deficit in terms of nurseries and kindergartens in Bucharest. We will build and, where possible, we will arrange multifunctional halls for sports activities and other kinds of events” the General mayor stated.

Gabriela Firea thanked “to the few ministers in the former Government” who have supported the municipality’s activity.

Firea thanked to the ministers Carmen Dan, Alexandru Petrescu, Gabriel Petrea, Andreea Pastarnac, Petre Daea, Pavel Nastase and Florian Bodog, who are also present at the event organized by the City Hall.

In a report released by the City Hall, the following projects are finalized: approval of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2016 – 2030 for the Bucharest – Ilfov region, the approval of the economic indicators for the Integrated Urban Development Plan – the “Downtown”, the finalization of the strategy of centralized heat supply, unblocking the situation at the Arch of Triumph site and finalizing the works, projects of the General Social Protection Directorate for children aged 0-3 years and the establishment of social laundries, financial incentives for births and for marriages, as well as the scholarship for students who help elderly people, the modernization works on Liviu Rebreanu Boulevard, the inauguration of the “Amiral Vasile Urseanu” Astronomical Observatory, the reopening of the Jewish State Theater, the unblocking and the completion of the new Integrated Ambulatory of the “Dr. Victor Gomoiu” Clinical Hospital for Children, the return of the City Hall to the old headquarters.

The report also mentions a number of unblocked projects which are to be finalized: Sudului Passage, Ciurel Bridge, Foisor Hospital, Victor Gomoiu Hospital, Ion Creanga Theater, arranging the Floreasca and Tei lakes, restoring the Flamaropol skating rink, the project for overextending Prelungirea Ghencea, the Glina Project.


Busoi: Firea, the image of the Las Fierbinti mayor – talkative, incapable and with absolutely no direction for Bucharest


The President of PNL Bucharest, Cristian Busoi, claims, in a press release, that the only benefit after one year since Gabriela Firea is the Bucharest General Mayor, is “the image of the Las Fierbinti mayor – talkative, incapable and with absolutely no direction for Bucharest”.

Busoi stated that, after one year with Gabriela Firea as a Mayor, “not even one millimeter has moved forward in order to solve the problems affecting Bucharest”.

“The first year of Gabriela Firea’s mandate is a wasted year: the same huge losses in the heating network, the same chaotic traffic, the same disastrous infrastructure”, PNL Bucharest President pointed out.

Cristian Busoi listed what Mayor Firea did in one year of mandate: “she put RADET in insolvency; she dismissed the leadership of the institutions that are subordinated to the municipality, to replace it with politicians from Voluntari; she founded 21 companies which will non-transparently manage all the municipality’s services; she decorated the city for Easter and she proposed contests to reward the most beautiful balcony; she found a totally useless logo for Bucharest, which later turned out to be copied; she organized expensive concerts on Europe Day and Dragobete”.

The PNL Bucharest leader also claims that none of the campaign promises made by Gabriela Firea has been actually and specifically accomplished.


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