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January 26, 2022

UPDATE Mihai Tudose validated by PSD’s CExN convention as proposal for PM office

Deputy Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and interim Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu announced on Monday morning that Interim Minister of Economy Mihai Tudose was officially validated as proposal for the Prime Minister office by the National Executive Committee (CExN) convention of the PSD.

“A proposal has already been agreed on, it has been voted by all CExN members, with four abstentions, the proposal for the Prime Minister office is Mr Mihai Tudose,” Olguta Vasilescu stated.

The Interim Labour Minister added that there were six names who would have been proposed to the CExN debate.

“Five of us refused this proposal, for me it was no surprise, because I have publicly stated for three days that I won’t accept this proposal,” Olguta Vasilescu stated.

When asked if Mihai Tudose will perform, she revealed that he fulfilled all his objectives that were blocked by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

“It’s the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund [FSDI] that has been ready ever since 15 May. Then, the list of action packages for the FSDI and the draft law were filed with the Minister Cabinet. Unfortunately, we, too, did not understand why the PM blocked this very important point of the governing programme,” Olguta Vasilescu added.


Vasilescu: Mihai Tudose will have the obligation to show us he doesn’t have double command; he told us the only command is at PSD


Outgoing Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu stated on Monday, at the end of PSD’s National Executive Committee meeting, that PSD’s PM nominee Mihai Tudose will have the obligation to show his colleagues, in the shortest of times, that he does not have double command, having offered assurances that his only command is at the party.

Asked whether he has “double command”, Olguta Vasilescu answered negatively.

“I was asked today by the members of the ExCom; I don’t believe anyone suspects me of links with people from the system, that’s why I can state all these things with the head held high. Precisely because certain suspicions hang above him, he’ll have the obligation to show us, in the shortest of times, that he doesn’t have double command. In fact, he was very bluntly asked by the members of the ExCom and he gave assurances that the only command he has is at PSD. For the time being, there is no reason to worry that Mr Mihai Tudoase could have a double command,” the outgoing minister said.

The PSD Vice President added that the Social Democrats are certain that President Klaus Iohannis will accept their PM nominee – Mihai Tudose. “We have the certainty that today, after we take this nomination to Cotroceni, Mr President Klaus Iohannis will approve it, because on Friday we should have the first Government meeting, before July 1st. There are many OUGs [Government Emergency Ordinances] that must be adopted before that date,” Lia Olguta Vasilescu concluded.


Vasilescu: Party assessment showed Mihai Tudose fulfilled all objectives but PM blocked them


Outgoing Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu stated on Monday, at the Palace of Parliament, that PSD’s PM nominee Mihai Tudose fulfilled all of his objectives, according to the party’s assessment of the members of the Grindeanu Government, “but they were blocked at the Premier.”

“In the assessment carried out by the party, Mr Mihai Tudose fulfilled all of his objectives, but they were blocked by the Premier. We’re talking about the Sovereign Investment Fund that is ready since May 15th. The list of share packages for the Fund and the bill were lodged with the Prime Minister’s office back then. Unfortunately, even we failed to understand why the Premier blocked this point from the governing platform,” the outgoing Labour Minister said.


Dragnea before the CExN meeting: We have five or six proposals for the Prime Minister office


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea announced on Monday before the CExN meeting  that the Social Democrats have five or six proposals for the Prime Minister office.

“Yesterday and the days before we had [discussions] with almost all organisation chairs, with two exceptions, with a series of MPs, colleagues from all over the country, and there have resulted five, six options for the Prime Minister office. We discussed last evening, last night and this morning with each of them and together, and a solution is coming into view which I want to propose in the CExN [the National Executive Committee of the PSD] and those coming up in the discussions with the organisation chairs will also speak,” Dragnea said before the meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee.

He showed that he hasn’t discussed with the head of state over the past 48 hours, but he believes the PSD proposal will be accepted.

“Maybe he accepts it, in theory he should accept it, I have seen all his statements and stand in the recent period, which, I must admit, seemed a fair position, namely he didn’t get involved, even if there have maybe been attempts in this direction and I believe that he wants stability, same as we do,” the PSD Chairman said.


Dragnea on PM nominee’s controversial doctor’s degree: Ponta too was accused of plagiarism, yet was a good PM


Before the consultations with President Klaus Iohannis, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea officially announced the nomination of Mihai Tudose for the Prime Minister’s office, and stated that he meets the integrity criteria.

In connection with suspicions of plagiarism looming over the party’s nominee for Premier Mihai Tudose, Dragnea said that Victor Ponta was also accused of plagiarism but despite that, he did a very good job as a Premier.

“I’m not an expert in doctoral dissertations, but I remember that Victor Ponta too was accused of plagiarism and yet he was a very good Premier,” said Dragnea when asked whether plagiarism is an issue of morality or of integrity, as President Iohannis has said.

Asked if Mihai Tudose meets the criteria set by President Klaus Iohannis, as suspicions of plagiarism hover about his doctor’s thesis, Liviu Dragnea replied that “Mihai Tudose chose not to carry through with the procedure and take the matter to court. Mihai Tudose did not seek that degree to collect a higher salary or higher incomes. In the context of that discussion he decided, according to the law, to withdraw his doctor’s dissertation and that’s it,” Dragnea said.


 Oprisan: For PSD’s sake, I’m responsible with nominating Mihai Tudose for PM’s office; he’ll be closely monitored


PSD Vrancea President Marian Oprisan stated on Monday, at the end of the party’s NatExCom meeting that “for the sake” of the party he is responsible with nominating Mihai Tudose for the PM’s office, the future Prime Minister set to be closely monitored.

“We have a candidate for the Prime Minister’s office and I believe the Government will do its duty. I believe the Romanian President is responsible – he publicly announced he is responsible from this standpoint – and he won’t play any games from a constitutional standpoint and will agree with this nomination,” Marian Oprisan said.

Asked whether he is responsible with Mihai Tudose, the PSD leader said: “Yes. I’m telling you very clearly, I’m very responsible, for PSD’s sake.” “I’m also looking with great confidence on the candidate for the office of Prime Minister and the future Government that – and I want to tell you very clearly – we’ll monitor very closely. Mihai Tudose is a very good colleague and he proved at the Economy [Ministry] that he is good and has the necessary knowledge,” the Social Democrat added.

When journalists pointed out that Darius Valcov’s assessment report listed Mihai Tudoase as having had zero achievements, Marian Oprisan claimed this issue should no longer be discussed. “Let’s not talk about this anymore, let’s allow the Romanian President to fulfil his constitutional prerogatives, and Parliament [too], and we’ll talk afterward,” the PSD Vrancea President concluded.


ALDE votes to endorse Mihai Tudose as PM. Tariceanu: I don’t rely on speculations concerning his relationship with SRI


On Monday, ALDE’s leadership voted to endorse Mihai Tudose as the ruling coalition’s PM nominee, Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced. He did not want to comment on the information concerning Mihai Tudose’s relationship with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), stating that he does not rely on “speculations” and “gossip” when analysing a person.

“The other days we assessed the possible candidacies, we had discussed and this candidacy had remained, which I understand has been confirmed by the NatExCom and my colleagues have agreed to endorse this candidacy,” Tariceanu said.

He pointed out that ALDE MEP Norica Nicolai abstained.

Asked for his opinion on the information concerning Tudose’s connections with the intelligence services, Tariceanu said he does not rely on “speculations.”

“Of course, all kinds of speculations appear in the public space. I can’t rely on speculations, on gossip. (…) That’s now how a person is assessed,” he said.

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