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October 28, 2020

USR mulls asking for committee of inquiry into no-confidence vote

Save Romania Union (USR) has announced it is discussing the option of setting up a committee of inquiry into last week’s no-confidence vote against the Grindeanu Government, after the broadcasting of several video recordings allegedly showing that the ballots cast were fewer than those tallied. USR also mulls the possibility of asking for no-confidence motions to be adopted via electronic vote.

“As was seen in the hall and on video recordings, I personally checked the ballot boxes before the vote and they were empty. After opening them, I counted [the votes] twice, along with PNL’s Senate Deputy Speaker Iulia Scantei, and there were 251. So, if video recordings prove that only 249 MPs cast ballots, there is a more than reasonable suspicion that some of those who voted via secret ballot introduced more ballots,” Senate Deputy Speaker Mihai Gotiu stated. He was member of the commission that counted the votes.

According to a communique released by the party, USR representatives are discussing the adoption and implementation of an electronic voting system that protects the confidentiality of the vote in the case of no-confidence motions (and of other votes via secret ballots stipulated by laws and internal regulations), as a result of the current situation.

The two initiatives will be discussed on Monday, in a joint meeting of USD’s groups from the Senate and the Lower Chamber.

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