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April 19, 2021

FM Logistic celebrates 50 years

FM Logistic organized on Thursday, June 15, the traditional event Customer Day, dedicated to the company’s customers. The event took place at the Diplomatic Club in Bucharest. With the occasion of this year’s edition, the company, with their customers and media partners, celebrated 50 years of FM Logistic, half a century of existence for a unique company.

“A dream, a passion, a reality, all of this represent FM Logistic!”- declared Claude Flaure, co-founder of the company.

The FM story was born in 1967, on a fall October morning, in Saint-Quirin, Lorraine, France. The Faure and Machet families, both with entrepreneurial spirit in the transportation field, teamed up to become stronger. The alliance between the 2 families is also a natural and logical decision given the fact that in 1963 and 1965 the link between the Faures and Machets strengthened up because of marriage.

The passion for entrepreneurship and the goal to become a popular name in the logistic field, through good relationships with customers, innovation and excellence, resulted in the expanding of the services the company offers and opened new doors for it. From depositing and manipulation to packing, transport and distribution, the collective intelligence and the optimization of the operation that FM Logistic constantly offers, make the processes more reliable. The group is known as a pioneer in the creation and implementation of innovative logistical solutions.

This year marks the celebration of 50 years of existence and FM Logistic is at the half point of their strategical plan for 10 years established in 2012. The plan has the goal of doubling the sales figure all the way to 2 billion EUR, until 2022, and it is already feeling the impact of some strategical projects. The sales objectives have been surpassed, with the teams becoming more autonomous every year. The company became a reference player in some markets (France, Russia, Romania, Poland) and developed a true culture of continuous improvements for its teams.

1967-2017: In the 50 years of operating, FM Logistic became one of the most important international players which offer logistic solutions for optimizing the operations in the global supplying chain, from depositing and distribution to co-packing and Supply Chain Management.

FM Logistic operates in 6 main fields: alimentary, retail, household and personal care goods, cosmetic/luxury products, pharma and electronic/industrial products. Its presence can be seen on 3 continents and 5 regions (Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America). It has 23,300 employees and a sales figure of over 1 billion EUR, with 63% of it being obtained from outside of France, proving that the international aspect of the company is a major advantage.

The FM Logistic development plan is based on geographic expansion and on innovation, this being realized respecting the necessary steps to protect the environment. The company is a pioneer in innovative solutions (AGV, drones, robots), being one of the companies which implemented the “pooling”, a solution to consolidate the merchandise of the same category. The results have brought several awards through the years. The Collaborative Routing Centers (CRC®) in 2015 is also a creation with a high significance.

Considering the consumer trends, in 2015 FM Logistic developed CityLogin – an eco-friendly distributing solution for the big cities. CityLogin respects the sustainability demands in Europe, being first implemented in Rome, then in Madrid and Paris. It will start to operate Milan, Warsaw and Moscow very soon.


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