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October 1, 2020

President Iohannis on Canada’s Day: Romanians waiting for complete visa lifting

For Romanians, the transatlantic relationship is vital, and our country is among the strong promoters of its consolidation, Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday during the Canadian Day reception, underlining that Romanians are waiting for the complete lifting of the visa requirement in order to enter Canada.

He emphasized the Romanian-Canadian cooperation within NATO, but also talked about the Romanian community in this country.

“The last century has brought Canada and Romania ever closer, even though the geographical distance has remained the same. It is the merit of the Romanians who, at the beginning of the 20th century, set off on a pioneering adventure and settled in Canadian provinces like Manitoba or Alberta,” Klaus Iohannis affirmed.

He further showed that the first Romanian settlers were followed by “other waves of Romanians who wanted to make Canada their second home”.

“Romania’s native community has over 200,000 representatives now, being well integrated and enriching the Canadian nation day by day. Today, Romania and Canada share the same community of values and strive together to find solutions to the major issues we are currently facing,” pointed out the President.

Klaus Iohannis recalled that within NATO, Romania and Canada “are fighting together for common security and the values they believe in.” Iohannis also spoke about the recent decision to lift the visa requirement for Romanians, adding that “Romanian citizens are looking forward to having visas completely lifted starting December 1, 2017, which, here’s, will be a nice homage to Romania’s National Day. We have, therefore, all prospects for strengthening and developing our special relationship.”

In his turn, Canadian Ambassador in Bucharest, Kevin Hamilton, evoked that in 2017, 150 years of Canada’s history and 50 years of diplomatic relations with Romania are celebrated.

“If we look back at the past 50 years, it is impressive to realize how far Romania has come and the many difficult challenges Romanians have been subject to all this time, but also the in-depth and valuable relationship that we have managed to foster between our nations. Today, Canada and Romania are strategic allies, trading partners and friends,” he said.


Photo: Agerpres

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