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May 16, 2021

President Iohannis promulgated the Pay Law for public sector employees

President Iohannis signed the promulgation decree for the Pay Law for public sector employees; the Head of State pointed out that it is the government coalition’s responsibility to make sure that the promises will be fulfilled without putting Romania’s development in danger.

“President Klaus Iohannis supports the necessity of increasing the salary income in a sustainable manner, in order to improve Romanians’ living standards. It is obvious that Romania needs a legislative framework which establishes the order in the pay system for the public sector, so that inequities and dysfunctions can be eliminated. At the same time, the President of Romania supports the necessity of a sustainable increase of the salaries in the public sector which ensures the appropriate motivations and the necessary performances from all the beneficiaries” was the message sent by the Presidential Administration.

Iohannis reminds that the draft of the Unique Pay Law was a draft law assumed by PSD, as an essential part of the government program. “In this respect, it is PSD-ALDE’s responsibility to provide the balanced development and to conciliate the objective of increasing salaries with the one of maintaining Romania’s macroeconomic and budgetary stability”, the President stated.

He pointed out that that certain “problematic” issues will have to be corrected in the future, in the implementation period.

“The government coalition has the obligation to make sure that the Pay Law will produce results according to the promises that have been made, without causing imbalances in the economy and negative consequences on the state budget. In this respect, the implementation of the law must be correlated to Romania’s commitments in the Stability and Growth Pact, in order to maintain the budget deficit below the threshold of 3% of GDP. This law should solve the salary problems in the public sector, without causing other problems” the quoted source also mentioned.


Dragnea: I have a great satisfaction and I appreciate that Iohannis promulgated the Pay Law, despite the public pressures


The PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday at the Parliament, that he has “a great satisfaction” and he appreciates that President Iohannis promulgated the Pay Law, despite all the public pressures, and it is a very good news for Romanians.

“I have a great satisfaction and I appreciate very much that President Iohannis promulgated this law despite all the public pressures, a law which is much expected by millions of Romanians and which will be implemented by the Government led by Mihai Tudose. It is a very good news for everybody” Liviu Dragnea stated.



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