A new edition of “Tenaris CineLatino” in July

TenarisSilcotub Company keeps the tradition to involve in the community’s life by promoting events, including cultural events, and supports, also in 2017, events which have already become a tradition. These events are film screenings, including outdoor screenings, under the title “Tenaris CineLatino”, which will be held in the cities of Calarasi, Campina and Zalau. The program also includes movies signed by film directors from Romania, Argentina, Venezuela, as well as from Italy; these movies cannot be seen on TV, according to the organizers.

A new edition of “Tenaris CineLatino” will be held in July, this year. The event has already become a tradition, being supported by the TenarisSilcotub Company, and it also includes outdoor film screenings. Actually, it will be another kind of a film festival, where the access is free; the caravan will travel through three Romanian cities: Calarasi, Campina and Zalau. “Tenaris CineLatino” is an event by which TenarisSilcotub Company wishes to ease the access of the public especially to the Latin-American culture and to create a space for dialogue between people from different cultures, through an event which is dedicated to the whole community. Specifically, in Calarasi, the festival includes three days of screenings in the “Barbu Stirbei” Hall of the Calarasi Culture and Creation County Center. The selection of the movies was made by Asociatia pentru Promovarea Filmului Romanesc (The Association for Promoting the Romanian Movies – e.n.), which is the TIFF organizer, given that Transilvania International Film Festival was supported by TenarisSilcotub Company, also this year; this is available for the screenings taking place in all of the cities.

The full schedule of the screenings in this city is as follows: July 4, at 22.00 – ”Vara s-a sfarsit” (Romania); July 5, at 17.00 – ”Varza, cartofi si alti demoni” (Romania); July 5, at 19.00 – ”The Honorary Citizen” (Argentina); July 5, at 21.00 – ”Totally strangers” (Italy); July 6, at 17.00 – ”Cinema, mon amour” (Romania); July 6, at 19.00 – ”Caini” (Romania); July 6, at 21.00 – ”On the Peaks of Love” (Venezuela). The second stop of the event “Tenaris CineLatino” will be held in Campina, in the “La soldat” Park, downtown, where the movies will be seen outdoor, as in the previous editions; the event is organized in cooperation with the Campina Municipality.

The festival includes two outdoor screenings, each evening starting at 22.00, and the access is free. This year’s edition from Campina will be opened on Saturday, July 8, with the movie “On the Peaks of Love”, directed by Nelson Núñez. The movie is a Venezuelan production, being deemed a successful comedy. A Romanian movie whose premiere took place only a few weeks ago will be screened on Sunday, July 9. The movie is called “Vara s-a sfarsit” and is directed by Radu Potcoava.

The last city where the event will be held is Zalau. The three-day schedule is as follows: July 11: The “Amfiteatru” Central Park, at 22.00 – ”Vara s-a sfarsit” (Romania), July 12: Transilvania Building – The Performances Hall, at 17.00 -”Afacerea est” (Romania), and at 19.00 – ”The Honorary Citizen” (Argentina); The “Amfiteatru” Central Park, at 22.00: ”Totally strangers” (Italy); July 13 – Transilvania Building – The Performances Hall, at 17.00 – ”Cinema, mon amour” (Romania), and at 19.00 – ”On the Peaks of Love” (Venezuela); The “Amfiteatru” Central Park, at 22.00 – ”Caini” (România).

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