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December 10, 2022

Military Prosecutor’s Office opens criminal case on Arges County accident. PM Tudose calls for speedy procedures to disburse aid to families of servicemen killed in overturned truck accident

Prosecutors with the Military Prosecutor’s Office with the Bucharest Military Tribunal have opened a criminal case investigating the accident in Arges County that killed three servicemen, after a truck capsized in a ravine.

A military truck carrying 13 soldiers of the 30th Mountain Troops Battalion capsized Thursday evening around 21:00, in a ravine at Valea Urdei, Arges County.

The truck, the last one in a line of four, was driving from Cincu to Campulung, when it capsized near Valea Urdei.

Three servicemen died and the others were injured.

The Defence Ministry released the names of the three dead soldiers. They are Master Sergeant Mihai Ionut Toma, Corporal George-Emilian Catana and Corporal Petre Cristian Toader.

Toma, 38, was single. He had been deployed twice to Afghanistan, having been employed by the Romanian Defence Ministry since 2002.

Toader, 32, was married, with one child. He had been employed by the Defence Ministry since 2008 and conducted a mission in the theater of operations in Afghanistan.


Military Hospital’s Jinga: No life threatening injuries for six soldiers injured in road accident


Six soldiers injured in a road accident in Arges County on Thursday night that also killed three soldiers have been brought to the Carol Davila Emergency Military Hospital of Bucharest, but their injuries are not life threatening, according to the hospital’s medical manager Mariana Jinga.

“Two of them were flown in and four were driven. They were checked by the multidisciplinary emergency team of the hospital. The soldiers have sustained multiple injuries in the accident. After being checked, three of them were distributed to the chest surgery department for chest and lung inquires. They have broken ribs and a broken sternum that are not severe; there is no respiratory failure. They are all in good health, without life-threatening injuries, and they are now being monitored by the chest surgery staff. Two of them are being monitored by the neurosurgery staff because they have sustained non-life-threatening head and spine injuries – there is no dislocation or motor deficit, and there was no need for surgery (…) We can say that for the time being the six soldiers have no life-threatening injuries, but because they were victims of a road accident, we are monitoring them very closely,” said Jinga.

She added that one of the six soldiers was distributed to the orthopedics ward because of broken bones, but he was successfully operated on Friday morning.

“A patient is at the orthopedics ward because of broken long bones and surgery was performed on him this morning. The operation is already over, and the patient is in good health. The operation was very successful,” said Jinga, adding that no further surgery would be necessity on any of these six patients.

“(…) The other patients have not been referred for surgery yet. They have been examined, CAT-ed head to toe, and all available specialist doctors examined them,” said Jinga.


Soldiers hospitalised in Brasov, victims of road accident that kills three, out of harm’s way


Two of ten servicemen injured in a road accident that occurred on Thursday evening in Arges County were hospitalised at the Military Hospital in Brasov and are out of harm’s way, Brasov County Prefect Marian Rasaliu said on Friday.

“I have seen them this morning, together with chief of the Brasov Emergency Inspectorate (ISU) Stelian Rechitean. The two servicemen are out of harm’s way. One of them has sustained a collarbone fracture that is not serious, and the other one has a minor head injury and contusions. They are very well cared for and out of harm’s way, but they will stay in hospital for a few days. The doctors will decide when to discharge them. They had told us they simply woke up in this situation. Things happened so fast that they cannot give any more details because they know nothing. They couldn’t get out on their feet, they were rescued by their colleagues. What they know is that the ISU Brasov intervened very fast, for which they are grateful,” said Rasaliu.

He mentioned that he has announced the Arges County prefect about the situation of the two servicemen. Furthermore, Rasaliu said he regrets the fact that three of these servicemen’s colleagues died in this terrible accident.


DefMin Tutuianu: I’ll order measures after learning about circumstances


Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu said Friday at the Military Hospital in Bucharest, in connection with a road accident on Thursday night in Arges County that left three soldiers dead and ten injured, that he will order any measures, if need be, only after learning about the causes and circumstances of the accident.

“The Military Prosecution Service was notified last night. Prosecutors have already gone to the scene. They are collecting other evidence as well. The three bodies were carried to the Forensic Medicine Institute of Pitesti. Postmortems will be performed on them; the conclusions, causes and circumstances of this unfortunate incident will be made public as we get the facts. (…) As a person well-versed in judicial matters, I will be waiting for the military investigators to share their findings. When we get the conclusions from the military prosecutors, we will inform you about the causes and circumstances of the accident. After learning about that, and if need be, I will order any necessary measures,” said Tutuianu.

He added that Prime Minister Mihai Tudose is dissatisfied with the absence of means of night intervention.

“Let me be more explicit: the prime minister’s dissatisfaction when decrying the lack of means that would have allowed us to intervene at the scene had to do with the lack of a helicopter equipped with a hoist (…),” added Tutuianu.

Asked about who is to blame for the lack of rescue devices, Tutuianu said: “Certainly not me.”

“Such helicopter would have allowed a faster intervention. It would have helped with the extrication, because the bodies had to be extricated. The accident happened quite late in the day, and the soldiers who know something about that say that given the circumstances – a ravine, night time, a difficult road – intervening other than it was done would have been hard. I will inform the prime minister today about what we did since the accident and before the government meeting,” said Tutuianu.

He added that there is a special programme for the acquisition of military trucks and for checking the trucks: “There are checking procedures to follow, no truck leaves just so.”

Tutuianu and State Secretary Mircea Dusa on Friday visited six of the ten injured soldiers who were hospitalised in Bucharest.


President Iohannis  expresses his full compassion for the death of three mountain troopers, wishes speedy recovery to the injured


President Klaus Iohannis on Friday extended condolences to the families of the soldiers killed on Thursday evening in a road accident in the southern county of Arges, and wished speedy recovery to the injured.

“I want to express my full compassion for the death of three mountain troopers, who were attending training exercises and were killed in a road accident in Arges County,” Iohannis is quoted as saying in a press statement released by the Presidential Administration.

He added that the Army is and continue to be a fundamental institution of the Romanian nation that deserves the praise and gratitude of all Romanians.


Health, Interior  Ministers  send condolences to families of road accident victims in Arges


Healthcare Minister Florin Bodog sent his condolences to the families of victims of the accident that took place in Arges county.

“Romania suffered yesterday a profound loss. We will forever keep in our thoughts and prayers the heroes who disappeared to soon from among us. Master Sergeant Mihai Ionut Toma, Corporal George-Emilian Catana and Corporal Petre Cristian Toader were on a mission and doing their duty for the country when the tragic accident occurred. Their memory will be honored. Healthcare Minister Florian Bodog wants to send his most sincere condolences and entire solidarity to the families of our servicemen who lost their lives in the tragic event of yesterday. We are beside you in this hard moments. May God forgive them and rest them in peace!,” the release sent to Agerpres on Friday reveals.


Carmen Dan : My thoughts and prayers go to the families of the three servicemen 


Interior Minister Carmen Dan sent on Friday her condolences to the families of servicemen killed in a road accident in Arges County and wished the injured soldiers a fast recovery.

“My thoughts and prayers go to the families of the three servicemen of the 30th Mountain Troops Battalion who were killed in the tragic accident that occurred yesterday in Arges County. Sergeant First Class Mihai Ionut Toma, Corporal George-Emilian Catana and Corporal Petre Cristian Toader never returned to the base. They left behind grieving families and friends. I sent my condolences to all those who have lost someone in the accident and I wish those injured a fast recovery! May God strengthen and help them overcome this difficult life test!,” Carmen Dan wrote on her Facebook page.


PM Tudose calls for speedy procedures to disburse aid to families of servicemen killed in overturned truck accident


The Ministry of National Defence (MApN) has clear procedures in place for the disbursement of aid to the families of the servicemen killed in the Arges overturned truck accident occurred Thursday night, and these procedures need to be enforced at top speed, Premier Mihai Tudose said on Friday.

“The Ministry of Defence has very clear procedures established as regards the aid provided to the families of the deceased. I want us all to make sure that they are implemented speedily and are not snagged by red tape or other delays,” Premier Tudose told DefMin Adrian Tutuianu at the beginning of the government meeting.

In his turn, the Minister of Defence presented the list of aid to be offered to the families of the victims killed in the accident and reminded that according to the law, the children of Corporal Emilian-George Catana and Corporal Petre Cristian Toader will collect pensions.

According to the Minister, the law also provides for certain rights, such as the appointment of the wives and / or children to military positions under the conditions established under order of the Minister of National Defence, the children’s transfer or enrollment to military education institutions under the same conditions as those in force for the children of military personnel killed in military actions, and the grant by MApN of scholarships over the duration of their studies

The Minister added that he ordered senior officials of the Ministry of National Defence to attend the funerals of the three servicemen on Sunday.

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