Adrian Tutuianu wants to sue Ludovic Orban over statements about his ties with Russia

Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu (photo) announced on Friday evening, on Antena 3, that he will sue PNL President Ludovic Orban, after the latter stated that PSD leaders are leaning “increasingly toward the East,” one of the clues being the appointment of Tutuianu at the helm of the Defence Ministry, against the backdrop in which he was Mechel company’s lawyer.

“I have nothing to hide, I did my duty toward my clients and I believe one can’t say I’m the Russians’ man, the Frenchmen’s man or the Italians’ man or the man of anyone else to whom I offered legal assistance,” Adrian Tutuianu stated, referring to the fact that he was the lawyer of Mechel, the company that owns the metallurgical plant in Targoviste.

Tutuianu points out that the export of equipment Ludovic Orban talked about took place in 2010, back when PDL was the ruling party.

“In general, I stoically withstand all public accusations, because you have to expect such a thing when you’re a public person, but I won’t hesitate to sue Mr Orban,” Adrian Tutuianu added.

In an interview for Adevarul Live, PNL President Ludovic Orban had stated, last Friday, that some of the appointments made within the Government show that PSD leaders are trying to have closer relations with Russia.

“Lucian Sova, Hrebenciuc’s pupil, was appointed at the Communications [Ministry]. He was the business partner of a former officer of the GRU, the Russian Military Intelligence Service, about whom there are sufficient suspicions of having an inappropriate relationship with that area. You appoint Sova at the Communications [Ministry], where the Government has taken ANCOM, via ordinance, from under the President, hence from under the CSAT [Supreme Defence Council], against the backdrop in which Romania, in the (NATO) strategy, features as a communicational leader. This is not by chance. This shows me the ruling party’s leaders are starting to increasingly lean toward the East and there are very many question marks,” PNL’s leader Orban said.

Another example Orban gave was that of Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu. “I’d also like to mention Tutuianu, who was the lawyer of Russia’s Mechel, [the company] that bought the plant in Targoviste and bankrupted it. From there, they took an installation that was extremely important from a strategic standpoint and they took it to Russia. This raises numerous question marks for me and shows me they appointed some extremely strange people who must be monitored extremely carefully,” the PNL President said.

He also expressed his reserves regarding European Affairs Minister Victor Negrescu. “Even the replacement of the European Affairs Minister. Ana Birchall, who was clearly pro-NATO, having a clear attitude in this field, is replaced by Victor Negrescu, about whom there are numerous question marks,” Orban added.

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