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August 9, 2022

Hornbach celebrates 10 years in Romania – Investments of around 145 million EUR, over 730 employees and plans for new projects

  • Garden, Drivein and Sanitary – the most visited departments in Hornbach stores
  • Over 3 million EUR invested in employees
  • Hornbach is preparing to inaugurate the online shop


Hornbach Romania, one of the main building and gardening materials retailers, celebrates 10 years since it established in Romania. During this time, the company has invested approx. 145 million EUR and created over 730 jobs, and the plans don’t stop here.

“The Hornbach Holding inaugurated the first shop in Romania in 2007 and, since then, the company’s investments in the country raised to approx. 145 million EUR. The sum was intended for the buying of lands, building and supplying of the 6 stores we have here (Berceni – 2007, Militari – 2008, Brasov – 2009, Balotesti – 2010, Timisoara – 2012, Sibiu – 2015), as well as building our headquarters”, declared Mugurel – Horia Rusu, CEO Hornbach Romania.

At the moment, the Hornbach stores don’t differentiate only by the big surface of every location – approx. 23000 sq. meters each, except the one in Sibiu, which has 12000 sq. meters – but also by the big variety of products and a fair quality – price ratio. Thus, you can always find 60000 products on a store’s shelves and 60000 more available to order.

“Hornbach is the ideal partner for new projects. In this way, whoever wants to begin a new bricolage project can find whatever he/she needs at Hornbach. If we report ourselves at the most requested products, the Gardening, DriveIn and Sanitary departments are at the top, followed by Utensils and Tools, Decorations and Paints”, added Mugurel – Horia Rusu.

The company’s representative also highlighted the fact that, since the first store opened, the selection had constantly been adapted to the customers’ needs.

In the 10 years on the local market, Hornbach has created over 730 jobs in the stores and headquarters as well. Furthermore, the company’s investments in training the newly employed or already existent personnel surpassed 3 million EUR.

“For us, the personnel’s abilities to guide every customer, regardless of the sector they’re responsible and offer effective counseling are very important. Thus, we have constantly invested in standard, as well as specific schooling, because we wish to always be on the top of our customers’ preferences when it comes to special counseling,” Mugurel – Horia Rusu also said.

According to his claims, Hornbach’s employees are loyal, having a staff fluctuation rate of less than 4%, way smaller than the average one in the Romanian retail field. Also, over 59% of the employees have been working at Hornbach for more than three and a half years.


Hornbach Romania, an important pylon in the Holding’s  development


“We are currently very happy for the regional evolution in Romania. The stores in the country significantly contribute to our Holding’s development, because of a strong growth of our sales figure”, declared Albrecht Hornbach, Chairman of the Administration Board at Hornbach Management AG.

Established as a family business in 1877, in Southwestern Germany, the company currently has 156 Building and Gardening materials stores in 9 European countries and it successfully began the actual financial year with a sales figure growth of 7,1% between March and May.

“The Romanian clients’ reaction has been a positive one since the very beginning and we are very happy that we hopped over the difficult period caused by the economic and financial crisis from 2009. The building and renovating projects are once again in the foreground and we wish to develop even more, so it can be way easier for our clients to team with Hornbach for their projects”, added Albrecht Hornbach.


How has the bricolage market evolved in the last 10 years


Since it came on the local market, Hornbach has been constantly contributing to the DIY segment evolution in Romania.

“In 2007, the bricolage market was very restricted when you looked at the variety of products and the number of available stores. Meanwhile we have assisted to a diversification of more than the location, but the available selection”, underlined Mugurel Horia – Rusu.

Also, according to his affirmations, the clients have changed their perspective regarding the purchases they make in the bricolage stores and realized that the most important aspects to consider are the quality of the product and fair price – quality ratio.


Future plans – Hornbach is preparing its online store in Romania


Regarding the future plans Hornbach has in Romania, the company calls the launch of its online store in the first half of 2018.

“We have already implemented a department dedicated to this project, with it being considered very important for the development of the company with the requests of the customers, who want to have access to our products straight from their home PC”, also underlined the CEO.

The Hornbach’s goal through launching the online store is to offer its clients all the information regarding products and projects, so they can research and purchase things straight from their households, easily and rapidly. Also, Hornbach wishes that, through their online store, it will be able to cover areas where it doesn’t have any store.

“The online platform in Romania is identical to the one in Germany and the clients will be able to benefit of some interesting functions. We wish that we will be able to reach as many persons as possible and have as many happy customers as possible” , Mugurel – Horia Rusu concluded.


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