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April 11, 2021

Changes in the management of Dacia Plant from Mioveni: Alexandru Oprescu will be the new manager starting from 1st of August

Dacia Mechanical and Chassis Plant from Mioveni announced changes in its management. Starting from August 1, Alexandru Oprescu will be the new manager of the plant, replacing Philippe Nottez, who have successfully led the plant’s teams and activities since September 1, 2013. Philippe Nottez will be the manager of the Renault STA Ruitz plant starting from September 1.

Alexandru Oprescu will be directly subordinated to Yves Caracatzanis, the CEO of Renault Romania Group and the President and CEO of Automobile Dacia, and in operational terms, he will be directly subordinated to Cornel Olendraru, the Manufacturing and Logistics Vice President for Eurasia region (in which Romania is also included).

Alexandru Oprescu was born in Pitesti in 1966 and graduated the Polytechnic Institute in Bucharest in 1992. His professional career includes top management positions and expertise in several areas.

Before joining the Renault Group, Alexandru Oprescu activated in the automotive industry since 2005, on the Mioveni platform first, at Johnson Controls (JCI), where he was, successively, the manager of the following departments: CKD, Continuous Improvement, Logistics and Plant Operations. Thus, he brought his contribution to the successful story of the Dacia Logan model in Romania and abroad. In 2010, he was appointed as Plant Manager at JCI Mioveni.

His enthusiasm, his leadership style and his results recommended him to the next top executive position in the new plant created by Johnson Controls, in Craiova. In 2011, from this position, he also received international responsibilities, being at the same time the Manager of the plant in Craiova, as well as of the JCI plant from Sunderland, UK, and later of the JCI plant from Liverpool, UK. In 2015, he became TRW General Manager, in Roman.

Alexandru Oprescu has an important experience in the telecom services for industry and business, acquired at Worth-Triumph Adler, which was followed by an 8-year period as General Manager in a food industry factory.

As the Manager of the Dacia Mechanical and Chassis Plant, Alexandru Oprescu is also a member of the Management Board of Renault Romania Group.

Philippe Nottez succeeds Pierre Gilbert, taking the responsibilities as the Manager of the Renault STA Ruitz Plant, and being directly subordinated to Patrice Haettel, the Vice President of the Grup Industrial Nord-Est. Grup Renault Romania thanks to Phillipe Nottez for his important contribution and for the success of the plant he led for almost 4 years, as well as for the development of some strong and motivated teams.


Renault Romania Group:


Being a car manufacturer since 1898, Renault Group currently is present in 127 countries and sold approx. 3.2 million vehicles in 2016. To answer to the great technological challenges in the future and to continue the rentable growth strategy, the Group relies on its international development. In Romania, Renault Group meets all the requested competencies needed to design, develop and industrialize a vehicle; customer surveys, design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics, sales, business and financing services. Being in the center of the Global Access range (the range which includes the Dacia models, produced on the Mioveni industrial platform), the Group is the leader on the local market with the Dacia and Renault brands. With a high level of expertise in design and engineering, and being an industrial benchmark through its quality level and in terms of the customer satisfaction, the 16,700 employees of Renault Romania Group are innovating in terms of products and good practices, and they are recognized for their professionalism.


The most complex plant of Renault Group at the global level


The most complex plant of Renault Group, at the global level, in terms of processes and activities, includes a diversity of manufacturing technologies. In the four departments of the plant, gross aluminum parts are produced, engines and gearboxes are assembled, the front and rear axles are installed, the axles and GMP frames (propulsion engine group) for the vehicles in the Dacia, Renault and Nissan ranges are assembled at Mioveni and in other plants in the world. The plant uses the production system which is common to the plants of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Alliance Production Way (APW). In 2016, the plant produced a total of 448,586 engines (including K7), 530,493 gearboxes and 859,000 chassis.


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