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May 16, 2021

JusMin: Some SIPA Archives “visitors” didn’t have ORNISS certificates. I’ve asked ORNISS for names and national identification numbers

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated on Monday that he knows that the archives of the former Independent Protection and Anticorruption Service (SIPA) had “visitors” who did not have certificates issued by the National Registry Office for Classified Information (ORNISS) and that he sent an address to this institution, asking it to give him their names. He added he is waiting for a response before the 30-day legal deadline expires.

“I know there were visitors at the SIPA Archives who did not have, at the time, ORNISS certificates. I’ve lodged with ORNISS a request for them to offer me their names and national identification numbers, and I’m waiting for the response. When I get to my office now, I’ll make a phone call [to ask them] for the answer. The legal deadline is of 30 days, but I’d want it as fast as possible, and when I get it I’ll send it to prosecutors and I’ll make it public,” Tudorel Toader stated on Monday at the Justice Ministry.

Referring to the magistrates that could be part of the commission tasked with cataloguing the SIPA archive, Tudorel Toader said that ever since the Government Decision was adopted he pointed out he has no reserves in what concerns a member of the Corps of magistrates being part of this commission, holding an ORNISS certificate and being transferred to the Justice Ministry in order to work within the archive for 3 years. “I lodged a written address with the CSM, asking them to consult the professional associations and to look for an active, not retired, magistrate that would hold an ORNISS certificate and would agree with being transferred in order to be part of the SIPA commission. I didn’t receive a written answer, only a verbal answer from the Chairwoman of the CSM, who told me that this is not the desire, for the magistrate to be transferred during this period, but that what is wanted is the Government Decision being modified so that it would stipulate that one judge would be part of the commission, on behalf of the CSM. This answer probably means reservations in what concerns being part of the commission,” the Justice Minister added.



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