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September 23, 2020

Orban: PNL will be active for entire parliamentary recess

National leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban on Monday said that Liberals will be active for the entire parliamentary recess and will carefully monitor “everything that happens inside each ministry.”

“The PNL Political Bureau has decided in meeting to be active for the entire parliamentary recess. We have set up a calendar for the presence nationwide of the representatives of the national leadership, we have set a calendar for the recommissioning of the PNL specialist committees, so that they become active over the summer and have all sectoral programmes updated by the end of summer. We’ll be carefully monitoring everything that happens inside each ministry, because there is the law enabling the Gov’t to issue ordinances during parliamentary recess in some areas where they can do the same as they did with Ordinance 13, lest we end up with some pieces of legislation published in the Official Journal with no public debate, pieces that can generate catastrophic effects on the economy,” Orban said at Parliament House at the end of a PNL Political Bureau meeting.


Ludovic Orban announces that PNL will modify unified wage law after it comes to power


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Sunday, on Antena 3, that the Liberals will modify the unified wage law after they come to power, because the public sector salaries included in the current law were set “randomly” and they disregard the evolution of the country’s economic situation.

“We’ll modify it. Definitely. I have many things to criticise it for. The law hasn’t even solved the problems that those who are now in power took the commitment to solve. It’s a law that creates more chaos and, sooner or later, what will happen will be exactly what happened with the old unified wage law adopted in 2010 – its coming into force was prorogued,” Ludovic Orban stated.

He explained there are solid reasons in favour of amending this law.

“First, because it’s unsustainable; second, because you can’t set some salary hikes randomly, without any criterion or analysis. Why, for example, are pensions hiked in relation to economic growth and the inflation rate, while public sector salaries are hiked randomly? God knows what will happen in the economy by 2022. What the PSD is doing today will put the economy on the stocks,” the PNL President said.

Orban considers that there is also the need to cap the state budget’s expenditures on personnel. “Civil servants must be paid well, but those who are working, who are doing their job and who have results in their activity must be paid. Likewise, expenditures on personnel should not surpass a certain percentage within the budget’s structure,” Orban concluded.


PNL Senator Citu invites PSD specialists at debate on the governing platform’s anti-liberal measures


On the other hand, PNL Senator Florin Citu has invited “specialists from PSD” to a meeting in which they would debate, alongside the business sector and the representatives of multinational companies, “the anti-liberal measures” included in the ruling coalition’s governing platform, particularly the most controversial measures launched by the Social Democrats, such as the turnover tax, the solidarity tax and the postponement of the VAT cut.

“Does Liviu have the courage? What do you think? Things are becoming serious in Romania! Because the Tudose Government’s platform is not the one Romanians voted in December, I have the obligation to make the following proposal: PUBLIC CHALLENGE – I publicly invite PSD’s specialists (as many as they want) to a meeting in which to debate, in the presence of the business sector and even of the multinational companies much cursed by the PSD and Liviu Drangea, the anti-liberal measures adopted in the platform confirmed in Parliament! The turnover tax, the solidarity tax, the postponement of the VAT cut, etc…,” Florin Citu wrote on Facebook.

The PNL Senator proposes that the press should also take part in the debate in order to cover the meeting as correctly as possible.

“Romania needs this debate. I believe this proposal is beneficial for Romanian society and it would represent a first signal that politicians understand the role they have in society. It would be proof of maximum openness on the part of PSD. And we, the Opposition, would show that we’re directly taking part in important things for Romania. But, most importantly, the business sector, the one that suffers most following PSD’s measures, deserves a novel experience in Romania. Liviu, do you have the courage? This is possible only if you want to,” Senator Florin Citu wrote.

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