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May 9, 2021

President Iohannis: Plagiarism accusations levelled against Tudose do not contradict integrity criteria I support

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday, at the Cotroceni Palace, that the plagiarism accusations levelled against Premier Mihai Tudose do not contradict the integrity criteria he supports, but, if the speculations turn out to be true, the problem will have to be solved by the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition who endorsed the Premier.

“Obviously not, otherwise I wouldn’t have appointed him. But, if such accusations turn out to be true, then the problem would have to be resolved not by me but by those who nominated the person, namely the person concerned. I’m starting off from the premise that, if these accusations are confirmed, the consequences will also appear as a result,” Klaus Iohannis stated when asked whether the plagiarism accusations levelled against Mihai Tudose contradict the integrity criteria he supports.

The Head of State added that the PSD is fully responsible for Premier Mihai Tudose’s results, considering that Mihai Tudose was PSD’s nomination for the PM’s office.

“There is a PSD-ALDE majority in Parliament. At the consultations, this majority nominated a person; I accepted this nomination. It’s not my nomination, it’s PSD’s nomination, PSD is responsible, in full and until the end, for Prime Minister Tudose’s results, and Prime Minister Tudose, in his capacity as private person, is responsible for his own activity he carried out prior to being appointed Prime Minister,” President Klaus Iohannis added.

Last Thursday, during the press conference in which the makeup of the Government was announced, Mihai Tudose answered the public accusations levelled against him, stating that he had nothing to do with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and he wrote his Ph.D. thesis for himself, in order to gain knowledge.

“I had no ties of collaboration with the SRI,” Tudose said.

He also commented on the accusations concerning his Ph.D. thesis, which he allegedly plagiarised, stating he wrote it for himself, to gain knowledge: “The Ph.D. thesis was written for me to gain some knowledge, it wasn’t written in order to obtain offices, positions or pay. When the plagiarism scandals started, in order to avoid entering this whirlwind, I gave up my Ph.D. title. In my opinion, I didn’t plagiarise. The thesis was assessed based on today’s regulations, which were not in force back then.”


Iohannis on governing platform: Tudose was sceptical; such changes are not to be decided at the party’s central office


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday that changes to the fiscal policy should not be done overnight, just because it was decided “within the party’s central office,” especially since Premier Mihai Tudose also expressed his “scepticism” regarding the changes that PSD brought to the governing platform.

Asked for his opinion on the new governing platform, the Head of State claimed that the PSD-ALDE ruling majority rushed, considering that such changes should not be brought overnight.

“I believe I was pretty blunt in the investiture speech and I wouldn’t like to repeat those things, but I believed they rushed a bit and, in order to change the fiscal paradigm and fiscal policy in general, there is the need for an ample discussion with all those affected, and we certainly cannot change things like this, overnight, because that was decided somewhere within the party’s central office,” Klaus Iohannis pointed out.

The President claimed that, “all in all, the Premier expressed his scepticism regarding these changes.”


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