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April 22, 2021

Romanian Red Cross celebrates 141 years of uninterrupted humanitarian activity

Crown Princess Margareta of Romania, who is the President of the Romanian Red Cross, hosted on Tuesday, in the garden of the Elisabeta Palace, the event that marks 141 years of uninterrupted humanitarian activity of this organisation, an occasion on which she congratulated the volunteers for what they have accomplished last year.

“I thank all volunteers for the value of their work, for their devotion and generosity. Many happy returns,” she conveyed.

The event was attended by Prince Radu, General Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea, Chief of the Department for Emergency Situations with the Interior Ministry (MAI) Raed Arafat, Mayor of the District 6 Gabriel Mutu, Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea, as well as representatives of the Romanian Red Cross branches around the country and Bucharest, members of the accredited diplomatic bodies in our country and friends of the Red Cross.

Founded on July 4th, 1876, the National Society of Red Cross from Romania is a volunteer-led, humanitarian organization, member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, ancillary to the public authority and empowered by law to provide humanitarian assistance in case of disasters and to support vulnerable people, the services being granted on a voluntary, impartial and neutral basis.

Among the signatories of the founding document of the Romanian Red Cross, there were important personalities of the time, such as: Nicolae Cretzulescu, George Gr. Cantacuzino, C.A. Rosetti, Ion Ghica, Dimitrie Sturza, Gr. G. Cantacuzino and Dr. Carol Davila. Big names of the Romanian history and culture – Queen Marie, Queen Helen, Queen Anne, George Enescu, Grigoras Dinicu, Cella Delavrancea – contributed with their humanitarian spirit to relieve the suffering of the most vulnerable people.

The organization currently contributes through its programmes to prevent and relieve suffering in all its forms, protects health and life, promotes respect for human dignity, without any discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religion, age, social or political affiliation .

The Romanian Red Cross is present nationwide, with representatives on each territorial level, with 47 branches, 713 sub-branches and 503 committees. A number of 5,687 volunteers are actively involved in the activities of the Romanian Red Cross.


 Romanian Red Cross Director: We celebrate courage and devotion of of those contributing to humanitarian missions


The day of 4th July is the moment when we celebrate the courage and devotion of those who contributed to our humanitarian mission, Director of the Romanian Red Cross Ioan Silviu Lefter stated on Tuesday.

“United in a single thought, those of relieving human suffering, each generation of volunteers adapted to the needs and challenges they had to face in our country,” Lefter said at the Elisabeta Palace. He paid homage to the founders of the organisation, as well as to those who came after them, placing the fundamental principles of the Red Cross above all, in order to fulfill their mission: humanity, neutrality, independence, volunteering, unity and universality. “Together, we can carry on this huge mission. Together we can write history, the history of the Romanian Red Cross and of a better world. Many happy returns,” Ioan Silviu Lefter concluded.


PM Tudose: Red Cross’s history marked by numerous lessons in solidarity


The Red Cross is an organisation with a beautiful tradition which history is marked by numerous lessons in solidarity, Romania’s Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said Tuesday in a message on the Romanian Red Cross Day.

“We are celebrating today 141 years since the establishment of the Romanian Red Cross Society, an organisation with a beautiful tradition which history is marked by numerous lessons in solidarity. The Red Cross has won the respect and esteem of Romanians thanks to its unconditional assistance to the suffering human fellows as well as the joy and hope for the hopeless. It was and continues to be in the vanguard of humanism, a tireless advocate of the good and a helper of the needy, having consoled the injured and the sick in wars, treating children, young people and the elderly during epidemics, having contributed toward humanitarian aid campaigns for people affected by floods, drought and other natural catastrophes,” Tudose is quoted as saying in a press statement released by the Government on Tuesday.

Tudose also voices respect and admiration to the work and devotion of the Red Cross.

“Because of all these efforts, we are grateful today to the generations of volunteers and all those who shared their time, knowledge and humanity with the Red Cross. Respect and admiration to the work and devotion of the Romanian Red Cross and much success with its noble and difficult mission!,” says Tudose.


HealthMin Bodog: Romanian Red Cross is trustworthy, loyal, professional partner


Health Minister Florian Bodog congratulated the Romanian Red Cross on Tuesday, on the 141st anniversary of humanitarian activity, pointing out that the organisation is a trustworthy, loyal and professional partner.

“Our friends and partners in the Romanian Red Cross are celebrating today 141 years of uninterrupted humanitarian activity. I want to congratulate them on this outstanding history, worthy of an institution with exceptional results in its mission. Having them together in projects we are conduction together in the area of healthcare education and prevention is a reason for pride. The Romanian Red Cross is a trustworthy, loyal and professional partner, which we, Romanians, also count on without any reservations,” Bodog wrote in a post on his blog.

The Red Cross has been alongside Romanians ever since the establishment of the modern state and has provided aid, support and comfort in the toughest moments of our history, Bodog showed.

At the same time, he underscored that the generosity, courage and altruism of the hundreds of Red Cross volunteers and representatives have left their imprint on Romania’s future.

“Today, same as before, the Red Cross represents hope, aid, salvation. Counting over 5,000 volunteers all over Romania, the Red Cross continues to fulfil, with equal generosity and devotion, its mission of aiding and rescuing those suffering. It is a noble mission that must be treasured and supported by all efforts,” the minister also wrote.


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