Tutuianu, asked what Iohannis told the ministers after they were sworn in: “He asked us to govern well”

Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu stated on Monday, at a press conference, that President Klaus Iohannis asked the members of the Tudose Government to govern well, during the talk they had after they were sworn in.

Asked what President Klaus Iohannis told them immediately after they were sworn in at the Presidential Palace, Tutuianu claimed that the Head of State asked the ministers to govern well.

“He asked us to govern well,” Adrian Tutuianu said.

The minister also talked about the projects he is preparing for the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) meeting on Tuesday.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday – editor’s note) there will be a CSAT [meeting] and there are several projects on the order of the day, which concern the MoD. I’ve prepared a part of them this morning, others I’ll prepare until they’re ready, around 9-10 p.m. this evening,” the Social Democrat said.


“Ana Maria Patru heard by SRI Oversight Committee; she presented several documents that will be analysed”


Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Oversight Committee Chairman Adrian Tutuianu stated on Monday, at a press conference, that former Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) President Ana Maria Patru was heard by the committee and that she presented a series of documents that come to substantiate the claims she had made in the letter she had sent to the committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009.

“On 27.06.2017, we proceed to hear former AEP President Ana Maria Patru. She asked us not to publicly expose her and she didn’t want to interact with the press, and we respected this. She presented several documents, she was heard for approximately one hour during our meeting. We’ll analyse the documents presented and up next we’ll probably invite her to a hearing again in September, at the start of the parliamentary sitting,” Adrian Tutuianu stated.

He added that Ana Maria Patru presented the committee with a series of documents that substantiate what she stated in the letter sent to the committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009.

“These are documents she considered useful in substantiating what she presented in the letter sent to the parliamentary committee of inquiry into the elections,” Adrian Tutuianu concluded.

PSD’s Mihai Fifor, Chairman of the parliamentary committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009, stated on June 7 that he talked by phone with former AEP President Ana Maria Patru, in order to invite her to hearings again, but she expressed her willingness to be heard by the SRI Oversight Committee.

On May 28, Ana Maria Patru was summoned before the committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009, but she sent a letter explaining why she did not show up. According to the letter, her son was “depressed” ever since the DNA detained her for corruption and he “begged” her not to go to Parliament in order to avoid being “taken” again.

In her letter, she claimed that then-President Traian Basescu called her and told her she could be arrested in the 2012 impeachment referendum dossier. She deemed that she was detained not for being Basescu’s fan but for being involved in the actions that PSD carried out. “I want to bring several arguments in support of this supposition: in certain circles, I stated over the years that the investigation that concerns PSD President Liviu Dragnea in the referendum dossier is abnormal and a possible conviction would be illegal, given the provisions of the electoral legislation. Some “good” people told me I was making a mistake and I should keep these opinions to myself,” the former AEP Vice President pointed out.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on May 30, at the Palace of Parliament, that state institutions should start an investigation in order to establish whether Ana Maria Patru’s statements – that she was detained and arrested for the fact that she had said a possible conviction ruled against him in the ‘Referendum’ case would be illegal – are true.

Dragnea also stated that the members of the SRI Oversight Committee must verify the veracity of Ana Maria Patru’s statement according to which SIVECO, a company controlled by Irina Socol, won almost all of the tenders for software used to tally votes and to relay the results to the AEP.

SIVECO announced that it is suing former AEP President Ana Maria Patru, whom it accuses of launching “lying and libellous statements,” after she told the parliamentary committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009 that it is suspicious that almost all tenders for vote tallying and data transfer software were won by the company. Likewise, Patru claimed that former SIVECO CEO Irina Socol was part of or close to the SRI leadership and that their friendship, which was Socol’s initiative, may have been part of an intelligence operation.

At the time of the 2009 presidential elections, Ana Maria Patru was AEP Vice President.



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