Health Ministry starts delivering new hexavalent vaccine doses

The Health Ministry on Tuesday started delivering new doses of hexavalent vaccine nationwide, with more than 245,000 doses expected to reach family physician’s offices and county healthcare directorates as soon as possible.

“Starting today, the Health Ministry will be distributing nationwide 245,498 de hexavalent vaccine doses. The quantity covers the demand for the hexavalent vaccine for almost five months; the doses will reach each and every county of Romania as scheduled,” the Health Ministry said Tuesday in a press statement.

The Health Ministry says the current supply of 245,498 doses is delivered ahead of a schedule agreed upon in the acquisition contract, namely July and October 2017.

“We want to underscore that the Health Ministry has started all the hexavalent vaccine procurement procedures for the next four years (2018 – 2022), which will preclude any discontinuity in the supply of this vaccine,” says the statement.

The ministry also says that this year, it has signed a contract for the supply of 630,000 hexavalent vaccine doses. The entire first batch of 120,000 doses and part of the second batch of 44,229 doses were distributed nationwide in April and May. After the distribution of the current doses, Romania will get a new batch of hexavalent vaccine.

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