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April 18, 2021

PSD Deputy Liviu Plesoianu – protest at DNA headquarters: “Kovesi to the lie detector. Were you at Oprea’s house?”

Social Democratic Party (PSD) deputy Liviu Plesoianu, member of the Investigation Committee of the 2009 presidential elections is protesting on Wednesday in front of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) headquarters.

Several people accompany him. Plesoianu is flashing a placard saying “Kovesi to the lie detector. Were you at Oprea’s house?”

“I want to ask Mrs Kovesi if she was at Oprea’s house the night of the elections. Her highness, Mrs Kovesi, is staying here barricaded in the anti-corruption temple and refuses to come before the investigation committee, legally assembled, although she has recently been notified in that respect by a Constitutional Court decision. Her Ladyship considers that she does not have to come before the committee and remains hidden in here. So I came, as member of the investigation committee in Romania’s Parliament, to ask her this question,” Liviu Plesoianu said.

In his opinion, Laura Codruta Kovesi should also take a lie detector test, just as she is having the DNA prosecutors tested.

“I understand that Mrs Kovesi even wants to have the DNA prosecutors tested with the polygraph. Let her submit to the polygraph test and answer this very simple question: ‘Were you at Oprea’s house?’ It is her duty to answer, otherwise she doesn’t belong here anymore,” the PSD deputy specified.

Liviu Plesoianu considers that the DNA Chief Prosecutor should be removed from office.

The deputy requested that the U.S. Ambassador in Bucharest, Hens Klemm specify if he backs Kovesi and why he has invited Florian Coldea to the Independence Day festivity.

“Firstly, there was the judges’ uprising, and then, slowly, the prosecutors started, even those in the DNA. Slowly, Kovesi will stand alone with those who protect her. She’s got her back covered. She has support. I have a question that I am addressing to Mr Hans Klemm. Are you protecting Mrs Kovesi? Is America, our strategic partner, shielding Mrs. Kovesi no matter how many abuses she has committed? I would further like to ask the American Ambassador if he invited Mr Coldea what with all the scandal that has led to his removal. Why did he invite him on America’s Day? Donald Trump had no reservation in replacing his prosecutor general. In Romania, when all this information about abuses committed by the leadership of this institution is revealed, it is normal that this lady should remain in office?” Plesoianu said.

He also specified that on Thursday, at the meeting of the investigation committee, he would again ask that Laura Codruta Kovesi and former Romanian Intelligence Services (SRI) Director George Maior be heard, and he will propose the referral to the prosecution.

“Tomorrow [July 6 – e.n.], there will be a meeting of the investigation committee, I will resume my proposal in her regard, but also in what concerns Mr Maior, who is an ambassador to America, and is mocking this people, by saying that he was at a private event on the night of the elections, but also with respect to Mr Coldea. For all these people who are mocking the Romanian people, I will propose to the members of the committee to notify the criminal investigation bodies and I will make public the result of the vote,” announced Liviu Plesoianu.

The deputy had announced on Tuesday, on Facebook, his presence at the DNA headquarters.

”You can no longer live in this country! I no longer take it! As such, tomorrow morning (Wednesday, July 5), I will find myself first thing in the morning in my ‘private space’ in front of the DNA headquarters in No.79-81 Stirbei Voda Street. Starting at 8:00 hrs, I will spend my ‘free time’ in front of the Anti-Corruption Temple, where Her Divinity dwells. I will be glad of the presence of any citizen who will choose the same ‘private space’ and the same ‘free time’. As I will enjoy my own company, should I be the only one there. ‘We are DNA and we are not giving in!’ – Very well! And I am a Romanian Parliamentarian. …And I’m not giving in! Let us be!” wrote Plesoianu on his Facebook page.


PSD’s Dragnea on situation at DNA: It’s pretty unpleasant; confidence in judicial system affected


Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday, when referring to the effects of “the fight inside the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA)” that it would affect the confidence in the judicial system and would generate “a pretty unpleasant situation.”

“The confidence is affected, I don’t know if necessarily in justice, but in the entire judicial system. This is why I believe that with contentment or complaints, somehow it has to end, I don’t necessarily know with what, but it’s a pretty unpleasant situation. A system, if it doesn’t rely on confidence, than it’s not efficient anymore,” Dragnea stated at the Parliament Palace, when asked what are the effects of the scandal inside the DNA for our country.

Dragnea mentioned that the Justice Minister should decide, at a given moment, if he removes or not Laurei Codruta Kovesi from office.

“I believe that the Justice Minister, in the next period, will have a stand. However, it is an unprecedented situation, with public positions of some important magistrates, with disclosures from there, with stands of some prosecutors, hearings at the CSM [Superior Court of Magistrates]. I didn’t appoint her, therefore is not for me to be content or discontent [in respect to the activity conducted by the DNA chief]. Mr President is free to be content or have complaints and he is probably relying on something. I believe that the Justice Minister, content or not, at a certain moment, has to say something, perhaps even [his] contentment,” Dragnea Mentioned.

He revealed that Laura Codruta Kovesi had no reason to refuse a discussion in the parliamentary Committee investigating the presidential elections of 2009.

“As far as I understand form my colleagues, and the Constitutional Court decision says so, I believe that Mrs Kovesi has no reason and never had any reason to refuse a discussion in this committee as long as I understand she has nothing to hide, in general,” he mentioned.


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