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March 6, 2021

PM Tudose: We mull replacing those who aren’t doing their job. ANAF Director summoned for us to see what’s happening in his courtyard

Premier Mihai Tudose stated on Wednesday, at the Bucharest City Hall, that he will take part, “at least out of courtesy,” in the meeting between Romanian Tax Authority (ANAF) Director Bogdan Stan and Deputy Premier Marcel Ciolacu, the Prime Minister stating that he is mulling “replacing those who aren’t doing their job.”

“We mull replacing all those who aren’t doing their job. (…) We have a meeting scheduled with him [Bogdan Stan] today, he is summoned for us to see what’s going on in his courtyard and to see to what extent we can quickly implement that governing platform point referring to the splitting of the VAT,” Premier Mihai Tudose stated when asked whether he will sack the ANAF Director.

He pointed out he will be present at the meeting that the ANAF Director will have with Deputy Premier Marcel Ciolacu, “at least out of courtesy.”

“I summoned him. I should be [there] at least out of courtesy, since I summoned him,” Tudose said.

ANAF Director Bogdan Stan was summoned at the Government by Deputy Premier Marcel Ciolacu, in order for them to talk about budget revenues and other ANAF projects, official sources told News.ro. The meeting takes place against the backdrop in which Premier Mihai Tudose is mulling replacing Stan.

On Monday, sources close to the Prime Minister told News.ro that Mihai Tudose is yet to decide whether to sack ANAF Director Bogdan Stan, but that he gave him special tasks and he will go audit the fiscal agency at the end of the week.


Prime Minister on 2pct of GDP Defence allocation: Actually there, but money needs to be spent


The Defence allocation of 2 percent of GDP is actually there, but the money must also be spent, PM Mihai Tudose said on Wednesday in connection with the decision made on the day before to withdraw the 2017 – 2026 Army Endowment Plan from the agenda of the July 4 meeting of the Supreme Council for National Defence.

Tudose went on to say that he will discuss the matter with representatives of the National Defence Ministry.


Works on 800km of motorways to be up for tender in 2017


After a visit to the Transport Ministry on Wednesday, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said works on 800km of motorways are expected to be put up for a tender under the electronic public procurement system in (SEAP) in 2017.

“The visit was designed to find agreement over a working way, and there is good news in 800km of motorways on which works will be uploaded to the SEAP this year. I would call this a good beginning. (…) and a good thing as far as organisational unblocking is concerned, because there are very many things that depend on the government and that generate issues for project conduct, such as environmental matters, authorisations and such,” said Tudose.

Tudose said he chose the Transport Ministry to be his first destination after becoming the prime minister because of the “overwhelming importance “of the ministry in Romania’s economy.

He added that he agreed with Transport Minister Razvan Cuc upon a real-time working way that comprises responsibilities for each work and a checking system.

“Mr Minister will set up his team and conduct surprise visits to construction sites; they will call out those who fail to do their job and will also order administrative and contractual penalties, when needed,” said Tudose.

The PM added that other big projects of the Transport Ministry are also on the right track.

“As far as I understand, the other big projects and provinces of the ministry – naval, railway and aviation transportation – (…) are on the right track. Funding exists and European funds are ready to be absorbed,” said Tudose.

He went on to say that a solution should be worked out for work awarding procedures. “Costs and less so quality, warrantees and execution speed, are of outmost importance in Romania when works are awarded. I believe we should change things a little so that all the three criteria will get to matter more, if not decisively,” said Tudose.

Asked whether or not the Bucharest ring-road and the underground transportation system will switch under the management of the Bucharest City Hall, Tudose said things will be done institutionally.

“From now on, thing will be done institutionally, including regular visits between the city hall and the ministry, the district mayor’s offices, because Mrs General Mayor is right to say that Bucharest is a capital city, the largest city in the country, housing the largest number of people, who have expectations; it is the economic engine of Romania. (…) We establish an institutional framework because the two of us cannot decide what should be done with the metro. Specialists will come up with solutions,” said Tudose.


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