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December 5, 2022

Telekom and Vivid present the first modular smart house in Romania

  • Turn-key Smart Home solution from Telekom Romania, which provides a complete ecosystem for monitoring and controlling the home, even remotely, as well as Internet TV and connectivity services;
  • Modular wireless plug & play solution and secured data at the highest level;
  • Demo Vivid house with the Smart Home solution from Telekom is located in the parking of Baneasa Shopping City and is open to public visits.

Telekom and Vivid present the first modular smart home project in Romania, which integrates a complete Smart Home solution. This includes both home monitoring and control technologies, as well as Internet TV and connectivity services, providing a complete ecosystem. The main benefits that the Smart Home solution offers to the future owners of Vivid modular houses are safety, comfort, data security, electricity and heat consumption efficiency.

“The evolution of technology changes not only the working space and the way we work, but also the space we live in. Smart Home solutions naturally complete our portfolio, along with the development of Smart Office and Smart City projects. Safety, comfort and more efficient management of the living space have become today increasing needs for people, for which the innovations in the recent years can provide concrete solutions at hand”, said Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer, Business Segment, Telekom Romania.

The Smart Home solution provided by Telekom Romania and installed in the demo Vivid House is based on the Home Centre central base that connects to the Internet via an Ethernet port and communicates wireless with the other Smart Home devices. The installation of the solution is thus non-invasive, with no holes in the walls and no cables. The initial setting of the Smart Home system, as well as the setting of various scenarios and actions for sensors, are done through the dedicated application that can be accessed on laptop or PC. Then, the user will be able to monitor and to manage the system through the dedicated apps on smartphone and tablet.

Depending on their specific needs and preferences, users can install sensors and control devices to automate, monitor and intelligently manage all home functions: the interior and exterior lighting system, automatic door opening or closing, socket control, water and gas control, flood detectors, smoke detectors, sensors for temperature, motion, brightness, vibration, blinds automation, heating control, air conditioning control, TV and audio system control. The “Plug & Play” devices are ready for immediate use, requiring only a few minutes configuration.

Through the sensors, the system can command the turning on of the lights when a person is detected or their turning off after a predefined interval. Also, with the light intensity measurement function, the system can set optimal lighting parameters for everyone in the house. Telekom’s Smart Home solution also integrates the control of the TV and the audio system, elements that can be included in predefined scenarios such as the automatic turning on of the TV on the favourite program provided by Telekom Internet TV service when the door opens and when the user is authenticated through the dedicated code.

The Smart Home solution from Telekom Romania provides protection and safety to Vivid Modular House, offering a real support in crisis situations, such as fires, floods or attempted burglary, through “guardians” like the door or window sensors, or multifunctional motion sensors, smoke sensors (present in each room), flood sensors in bathrooms and kitchen, and Smart sockets, which can, for example, turn off the power. The entrance door is provided with the Yale smart lock, which ensures home security without having to use the keys. This can be ordered via the KeyFob remote control by entering a code or e-label with radio frequency identification that contains the authentication data of people who want to enter the house.

When an undesired event is detected, such as an intrusion attempt, the presence of the smoke or of the water, the system sends the owner of the house notifications both on the mobile phone and sound alerts through the siren attached to the system, as well as commands to stop water or gas, as the case.

With the Smart Home system, owners can control their Vivid house and check the status of their devices from anywhere via the Internet. The intelligent house system remotely informs the user on all events relevant to the proper management of the home – from the opening of a window or of the door, the temperature at different spots in the house, the movement of the persons inside, the state of the lights, the occurrence of water leaking in different areas or the presence of smoke.

The user can remotely control the turning on or off of the lights, choose the colours of the lights, raise or lower the blinds, turning on or off of the heating system, or set the temperature in each room, by using the dedicated app on smartphone or tablet, as well as on laptop / PC, via Internet.

When at home, Vivid owners can control the ecosystem by dedicated remote control, dedicated button or dedicated SWIPE tablet. At the same time, the button can also be used as a panic button.

The access to the Vivid House and owner information are protected at the highest level through data security and encrypted communication.

Also, the Smart Home implemented by Telekom allows owners to make electricity and heat consumption more efficient. Thus, users can monitor the energy consumption by the various devices in the house and easily identify the highest consumers.

The Smart Home implemented by Telekom Romania within the Vivid project uses FIBARO devices.



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