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August 13, 2022

U.S. Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission at end of mission: My advice for Romania is to stay the course; it’s an important U.S. ally

Dean Thompson, U.S. Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission, stated on Thursday, following the meeting he had with Lower Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea, that his advice for Romania is to stay the course, considering it is an important U.S. ally and it has a strong partnership with the United States.

“My advice for Romania is to stay the course. I just want to say thank you to the friends I’ve made here, colleagues. It’s a strong and wonderful partnership, Romania is an important ally of the U.S., I’ll miss it terribly and I appreciate the opportunity to have served here. It’s been three wonderful years. I thank you all,” Dean Thompson stated at the end of the meeting he had with Liviu Dragnea, occasioned by the end of his mission to Romania.

Asked what he will miss most from Romania, the American official said sarmale (forcemeat roll of cabbage or vine leaves – editor’s note), mamaliga (maize porridge) and cozonac (pound cake), adding he hopes to return to Romania for them.

“I was very lucky to travel all over the country, to the Delta, the mountainside, Transylvania. I’ll miss it. I’ll return to Romania, one day I hope to return… for sarmale, mamaliga, cozonac,” Thompson said.


Hans Klemm: Economic dimension of U.S. – Romania partnership may be affected by new economic measures announced


U.S. Ambassador Hans Klemm stated on Thursday, at the end of his meeting with Lower Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea, that the economic dimension of the partnership between Romania and the United States of America may be affected by the new economic measures announced by the Tudose Government.

“We’ve spent very constructive time, in which we talked about the strategic partnership between the United States and Romania, about what we have to continue doing with Romania’s Government, with Parliament, in order to strengthen this partnership. I’ve assured the Speaker that I’m ready to work together with Premier Tudose and with the new Government. It was a fruitful hour, but also a sad hour, because Mr Thompson will leave Romania tomorrow. I was honoured to talk with Mr Dragnea about these opportunities,” Hans Klemm stated.

Asked whether he talked with Liviu Dragnea about the new economic measures that the Tudose Government has announced, such as the turnover tax, the ambassador said: “Yes, we talked about our relations in the field of security, about the economic dimension of our partnership, which may be affected by the new measures.”

Asked whether Romania is currently an attractive environment for investors, Hans Klemm answered affirmatively. “At this moment, yes, but the new Government must do everything to maintain this attractiveness. And, as I said (on July 4 – editor’s note), stability, predictability and transparency are important and consulting foreign businessmen, investors, is important for maintaining this attractiveness,” the ambassador added.

Likewise, asked whether he is concerned about this situation, the American diplomat answered negatively, explaining that he does not like to talk about hypothetical situations.

“Not at this moment, but I don’t like to talk about hypotheticals, but it’s very important for the Government to send the right signals to American companies and to other foreign investors,” Hans Klemm pointed out.

Asked whether the changes brought to corporate tax rates are all right or not, and whether we should change something or stay the current course, the ambassador reiterated that there should be transparency and consultations with all companies. “Governments all over the world, including my Government, always take into account changes to economic, fiscal policies, but this should be made by consulting the parties concerned, the businessmen, the investors,” the American official added.

Asked whether these measures may affect the economic dimension of the partnership between Romania and the U.S., Klemm said “it depends what the measures are” but “potentially, yes.”

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