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January 17, 2022

Liviu Dragnea: We will have a coalition meeting on Monday to assess first week of governance. PM Mihai Tudose and several ministers are invited

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, announced on Thursday, at the Parliament, that a coalition meeting will be held on Monday, being invited PM Mihai Tudose and several ministers, to see what are the conclusions of the first week of government and what is the calendar of actions for the coming period.

“We will have a coalition meeting on Monday, where the Prime-Minister and several members of the Government decided by Mr. Tudose are invited, and we will discuss on what are their conclusions after the first week of government and what is the calendar of actions for the coming period” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Being asked about PM Mihai Tudose’s decision to block hiring in the central administration, the PSD leader said that “the hiring tap went out of control” and “it’s not ok”.

“Yes, because very many people were hired, in the circumstances in which we established in January, as a strategic decision at the beginning of governing, that the expenses will decrease by 10% of the entire nature of the public expenses, and it seems like the hiring tap went out of control in the central administration, and it’s not ok”, added the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber.


“The seat of the ANAF chief is not in danger; he wasn’t called to the Government to be reprimanded”


Dragnea also mentioned that PM Mihai Tudose called the head of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF), Bogdan Stan, to the Government, to identify a number of measures to improve the activity of the institution, not to “reprimand” him, and the seat of the ANAF chief is not in danger.

“Last night (on Wednesday evening – e.n.) we had a talk, they have very much to recover, we must discuss very honestly. We didn’t play, changing the Government wasn’t an exercise of image. They have very much to recover. The seat of the ANAF chief is not in danger” Liviu Dragnea stated.

PSD Chairman wished to mention that a very serious talk between PM Mihai Tudose and the head of ANAF was held, and the latter wasn’t called to the Government to be reprimanded.

“I had a meeting with the PM last night. Yesterday, they discussed for four or five hours with the Finance Ministry and with ANAF, and with other ministers, and they identified more than 30 actions in order to improve ANAF’s activity, as well as an important package of actions against tax evasion, including actions in customs. This is why they were called there, to have a serious talk, not to be reprimanded” Liviu Dragnea added.


“ Fiscal framework won’t lose attractiveness”


The fiscal framework of Romania won’t lose its attractiveness, but, at the same time, as many companies as possible must become even more profitable, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and  also said.

He maintained that, during talks at Parliament with US ambassador in Bucharest Hans Klemm and with deputy head of the US mission Dean Thompson (see page 6), the two didn’t voice any concern about any potential fiscal measures.

“No, absolutely none. I brought up the topic; I didn’t want it to be only a farewell visit. It was a meeting we agreed upon. I started the topic and I said that the fiscal framework of Romania will not lose its attractiveness (…),” Dragnea pointed out, adding that solutions are sought so that companies become even more profitable.

He said the discussion with the two US diplomats was “good, even comprehensive.”

Dragnea added that, if solutions that can do good to all sides are identified, then they will be adopted, and if solutions that might have secondary effects on the business environment are identified, they will not be adopted.

“Starting next week, there will be these meetings organised by the Government, at the PM and the finance minister’s initiative. (…) We have established to have constant communication with the US Embassy, as we also have with the other embassies, to exchange information in real time, for greater efficiency in our collaboration,” Dragnea said.

Asked if the US guests came up with suggestions, the Speaker said no.

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