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May 8, 2021

Romania, promoted in front of 40,000 Americans on Washington Nationals baseball team’s stadium

US baseball lovers in the Washington D.C. area on Saturday had the opportunity to get to know Romania, in the “Taste of the World” event, Romania’s Embassy to the US informs in a release.

Organised by one of the most appreciated and valuable baseball teams of the moment, Washington Nationals, on the Nationals Park stadium, on the occasion of the match with Atlanta Braves, “Taste of the World” – organised for the second time – was devoted to the cultural and tourist promotion in front of 40,000 spectators.

Out of the eight diplomatic missions invited, Romania’s Embassy was honoured to participate in the ceremony announcing the starting teams. Moreover, Romania’s flag was presented in the parade on the court. The Embassy set up two stands where it provided the public with the opportunity of getting to know the cultural heritage and the national traditions, both through tourist and cultural info and through Romanian traditional products.

Furthermore, with the support of the Romanian Baseball and Softball Federation, the US public was informed on the evolution of baseball in Romania.

In the context of the preparations for Romania’s participation in this event, Romania’s Ambassador to the US George Cristian Maior said: “I was very keen on us participating in this major event. I am very glad that the Embassy had the unique opportunity of promoting Romania in front of tens of thousands Americans in the US capital. I have been passionate about this wonderful sport for over 25 years. Baseball is a complex phenomenon which combines detailed rules with a special elegance, expressing symmetry, mathematics, mental balance and respect for the game. However, above all, baseball means strategic patience, because everything is played until the last ball. It is a sport truly reflecting the American spirit both on court and in the stands, as the baseball stadium is maybe the best place where the American society can be profoundly understood.”

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